David Allen Dean: 60-Year-Old Man Arrested For Urinating On 5-Year-Old Black Girl, Calling Her The N-Word

Grand Rapids Police Department

David Allen Dean is behind bars after police in Michigan say the 60-year-old man urinated on a 5-year-old black girl and called her the N-word while the girl was playing hide-and-seek with friends.

The incident happened in Grand Rapids this week, where police say the man found the young girl hiding in some bushes and assaulted her. As Fox 11 Online reported, the girl was playing with a group of other children including her older brother near the West Leonard Library when the incident happened.

Katrena Rapier, the mother of two of the other children playing, said the victim came to her crying and soaked in urine after the incident. She claimed that the man sneaked up behind her and urinated on her head.

“Her hair smelled like nothing but urine and it was like soaked, her whole shirt front to back was soaked,” Rapier said.

Rapier said the man is familiar in the neighborhood, someone they had seen every day.

“I thought he was homeless because he walks up and down the street asking people to do work and he’ll work for food,” Rapier told Wood 8 TV.

David Allen Dean has a long history of trouble with the law. He is a convicted sex offender who sexually assaulted a child in 1997 and has other convictions for indecent exposure and criminal sexual assault.

But Rapier said neighbors did not know about the man’s criminal history or his history of mental illnesses. In 2017, he was involuntarily committed to a mental health facility for at least 90 days and was supposed to be on post-release supervision after leaving prison. As Wood 8 TV noted, a psychologist noted that Dean had a “history of self-injurious behavior (cutting, burning) …. prompted by shame and guilt concerning his pedophilic sexual urges.” The note recommended that he be supervised after release and placed into an adult foster care home.

Rapier said the young victim is traumatized and afraid that the man will attack her again, even though he is currently behind bars.

“I never knew that he was capable of doing all that to a 5-year-old child,” Rapier said. “She’s basically a baby she didn’t want to come out of the house after that she was just afraid.”

Dean’s arrest led to some nationwide controversy, especially among those who claimed that the police department withheld his identity and some of the racially charged aspects of the allegations against him.

David Allen Dean has been charged with a count of sex offense excluding assault and commercializing, a felony charge.