WWE News: Shocking Huge Name Favored To Win 'Royal Rumble' In 2019

The Royal Rumble in 2019 is still five months away, but many are already looking forward to who could win one of the biggest matches of the year. Anything is possible to happen in that battle royale, but the betting odds are giving an early inclination as to who may win the whole thing. Believe it or not, it's actually a superstar who hasn't been in the ring for quite a while, but could The Rock really return and win it all?

According to Wrestling Inc., Skybet has released the very early odds for the 2019 Royal Rumble, and Dwayne Johnson is indeed leading the pack. The man known as The Rock is the top favorite with 2/1 odds, but first, he needs to get back in the ring if that kind of victory is going to happen.

Other favorites include:

  • Daniel Bryan: 6/1
  • Seth Rollins: 8/1
  • Braun Strowman: 9/1
  • Roman Reigns: 12/1
  • John Cena: 12/1
  • Finn Balor: 12/1
These are simply the very early betting odds for the Royal Rumble and anything can change, but rumors of The Rock's return have been swirling for a while. The Rock has been wanting to get back into the ring for WWE again, but his movie career has simply hindered that from happening.

The rock WWE news royal rumble favored favorite betting odds 2019

If The Rock were to return, social media discussions have had the idea that he would face off against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 35. Should The Rock come back and win the Royal Rumble, he would receive that main event slot and facing off against Reigns, possibly for the WWE Universal Championship, would be a huge match.

Essentially, that would mean that Roman Reigns would need to finally turn heel which many have wanted for a long time. If he were to face off with The Rock, WWE would have no choice as the fans certainly aren't going to boo the former world champion upon his return.

Sports Illustrated recently spoke with Seth Rollins and asked him about Reigns vs. The Rock rumored to take place at WrestleMania. "The Architect" had another idea in mind for that main event match.

"I'd like it to be Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins."
Rollins went on to say that he believes WWE doesn't really need The Rock as there are more than enough talented superstars on the roster now. On this week's Monday Night Raw, Rollins reunited with Reigns and Dean Ambrose to once again form The Shield.

If The Rock ever makes a return to the ring, the WWE Universe will go nuts as they love seeing him wrestle. For now, he's making movies left and right, and it isn't easy for him to be cleared to get physical and wrestle again. These early odds have him the favorite to win the Royal Rumble in 2019, but a lot of things would need to happen for him to even be in the match, so, only time will tell.