Jennifer Lopez Posts Sexy Yet Classy Snapshot To Instagram, ‘Dripping In Couture’

Andrew TothGetty Images

Famous pop singer and silver screen starlet Jennifer Lopez took to popular social media platform Instagram today to show off her slim physique and impeccable fashion sense with the full red-carpet treatment in evidence.

Attending the MTV Video Music Awards, J.Lo was spotted wearing Versace designer clothing and bore her trademark cool and collected disposition throughout the evening’s events.

The Instagram snap shows Jennifer Lopez striking an aloof and picturesque pose, her svelte figure accentuated by a slinky silver dress thick with embroidery. What appears to be rhinestone tresses hug all of the vital curves, tightening and pulling the beautiful garment in just the right direction to draw attention to her appreciable assets.

Long black eyelashes are complimented by perfectly poised eyebrows and joined by a steely gaze atop a pair of glossy lips as J.Lo looks out upon the assembled fans and paparazzi in attendance with a measured calm.

Her hair –traditional chestnut dyed a breezy and summery blond — falls at once to rest at her waist and carelessly about her shoulder, tumbling down her back.

Topping off the look is a series of fashionable accouterments, ranging from a trio of thick and bling-laden bangles to a prominent gemstone ring worn about the middle finger of her left hand.

Lopez is backgrounded in the shot by a sea of ticket holders and fans, as well as a prominent purple pillar, accented in white and blue that adds an interesting depth to the aesthetic composition. These mauve and navy tones are carried throughout — audiences can see them showing up in the plush carpet at her feet, in the signage that borders the carpeted walkway, and in the brick wall that borders the left side of the photographic frame.

J.Lo’s fanbase appears to agree with the sentiment of the Instagram shot, handing out 332, 074 likes on the picture in about an hour following the post hitting the platform. Cries of “Stunning!” and “BELLA” are echoed dozens of times throughout the comment history, drowning out the naysayers and trolls in terms of pure volume.

Lopez appears to be in top form as she sees a rekindling of both her artistic spark and her romantic one, according to Harper’s Bazaar. Having recently released a new song entitled “Us” in addition to celebrating the 1-year anniversary of her relationship with former New York Yankees star player Alex Rodriguez, J. Lo is once again making headlines and displaying her lust for life.