J.J. Watt Agrees To ‘Marry’ 6-Year-Old NFL Fan

JJ Watt Marries Young Fan

J. J. Watt might be a towering 6-foot-5, 23-year-old defensive lineman in the NFL, but the Houston Texan also has a heart of gold.

On January 12, 6-year-old Breanna told her mom that she wanted to married the football player. The little girl was crying because she wasn’t 25-years-old, and, therefore, she could not marry her NFL crush.

The YouTube video eventually went viral with more than 90,000 YouTube views, and it caught the attention of Watt.

After realizing how sad the little girl was in the video, J. J. Watt turned to his Twitter followers to find the little girl.

As they often do, social media users came through in record time, figuring out the name of the YouTube user and their contact information.

J.J. Watt then jumped into action, preparing to make his little fans dreams come true.

On Wednesday afternoon, having found his biggest little fan, J. J. Watt surprised her in a big way:

Watt was able to find little Breanna after posting the following message:

With talks of DUIs, illegal gun possessions, and other illegal activities among NFL players, it sure is nice to see an NFL star step up and become a positive role model to their young fans.