Spoilers For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Bibiana Nudges Colton In Regards To Tia, He Admits He’s Still Into Booth

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Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, August 20 tease that the drama related to Tia Booth and Colton Underwood will be continuing. From the sounds of things, however, it seems that viewers may get some valuable insight into this complicated dynamic as Tia and Colton themselves try to figure things out.

The Inquisitr has shared Bachelor in Paradise spoilers revealing that Tia Booth will confront Chris Randone during the next episode, and all signs point toward him confidently moving forward with Krystal Nielson, bailing on the possibilities with Tia. Additional teasers via the Inquisitr also indicate that Jacqueline Trumbull will show up in Mexico with a date card, and Colton Underwood will decline her invitation.

Naturally, this will put Tia and Colton back into one another’s orbits. A sneak peek from Extra shares that Bibiana Julian will talk with Underwood about the situation and it looks like she may succeed in getting him to do some important reflection on his feelings for Booth.

Bibiana had previously admitted that things might be a bit more enjoyable if Colton were eliminated since everything seemed to be revolving around Tia and Colton. However, she then gave him her rose and now Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that she’ll get emotional as she encourages him to reconsider how he’s handling things.

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The sneak peek into Monday’s episode details that Tia and Bibiana will talk first. Julian will encourage Booth to approach Underwood with the idea that they can just spend time together in Mexico without worrying too much about the future. Tia will tell Bibiana that she agrees, but she doesn’t think she can get through to Colton with that line of thinking. However, she thinks that Bibi might be successful.

Soon after that, Bibiana will talk with Colton about all of this. She’ll tell him that it’s obvious that Tia maintains strong feelings for him and that he might be trying to reject his feelings for her. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that Underwood will admit that things typically feel easy when he spends time with Booth and that he’ll always have feelings for her in some sense.

Bibi will ask Colton why he is making things difficult, saying that she thinks Tia and Colton are connected. Julian will get teary as she talks about how people tell her to keep looking for her person, and now she sees Tia madly in love with Colton and she urges him not to complicate it.

It does look like Colton takes Bibiana’s words to heart, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that she’s not the only one who will try to nudge the two back together again. Eventually, Colton will approach Tia to talk and teasers suggest that they will decide to give this romance yet another shot.

Who will be eliminated during Monday’s show? Full-fledged Bachelor in Paradise spoilers haven’t revealed details on this front yet, but it is known that four ladies will head home. Bibiana may have been willing to do some matchmaking between Tia and Colton, but she hasn’t really connected with anybody herself and she may well be left without a rose.

Venmo John has some thinking to do as both Caroline Lunny and Jubilee Sharpe are angling for his rose, and Kenny Lane will have three ladies anxious to garner his affections. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that there’s chaos on the way involving Jordan Kimball, Jenna Cooper, and David Ravitz with Monday’s show too, and another action-filled episode will air on Tuesday night too.

Will Tia Booth and Colton Underwood embrace this opportunity and find love with one another in Mexico? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that there are emotional twists and turns on the way and fans are anxious to see what comes next.