‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: The Women Battle Over Kenny As Annaliese Falls And Jacqueline Pursues

Paul HebertABC

New sneak peeks are out for the Week 3 episodes of Bachelor in Paradise and spoilers tease that a new love triangle of sorts is on the way. There’s already been plenty of chaos connected to Tia Booth and Colton Underwood, but a new preview shows that Kenny Lane is about to become a hot commodity too.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from ABC revealed that one insecure gal would feel threatened by a newcomer when it comes to one of the guys. Now the latest sneak peek shared by ABC confirms that this involves Kenny and Annaliese Puccini, along with new arrival Jacqueline Trumbull.

Season 5 has only aired a few episodes so far, but Annaliese has made it crystal clear that she is desperate to find love. She has talked about wanting to walk away from this experience engaged, but she isn’t having an easy time finding a partner with potential who seems eager to pursue a relationship with her.

During Monday’s show, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that she’ll focus her attention on wrestler Kenny. However, her pursuit of him may be interrupted before it even really gets started by Jacqueline. It sounds as if Trumbull will first approach Underwood to see if he’ll head out on a date with her. However, the buzz is that he’ll actually decline the invitation.

Next, Jacqueline will approach Kenny as he’s at a table with several other contestants and ask him out on her date. He’ll accept, but Annaliese will be sitting next to him and she’ll immediately register disappointment. Later, Puccini will chat with Chelsea Roy and Nysha Norris about Kenny and Jacqueline’s outing. It looks like she’ll try to be a good sport about it in a sense, but ultimately, she is clearly hoping that the romantic sparks won’t fly between Trumbull and Lane.

Where will things head with this triangle? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that Chelsea will say she thinks Kenny and Jacqueline will have a good time, but she does recognize that Annaliese had really set her sights on pursuing him and it sounds as if she’ll feel bad for Puccini.

The network suggests that Jacqueline and Kenny will hit it off, perhaps even more than either of them anticipated. However, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that Annaliese will fight for the guy she had most recently set her sights on by trying to entice him with dessert after his date. She’ll surely be thrown yet again when a third lady plants a kiss on him at the cocktail party, as all of the women scramble to snag his rose.

Who ends up getting Kenny’s rose during Monday’s show? Unfortunately, episode-by-episode spoilers haven’t been revealed by gossip king Reality Steve. However, Reality Steve’s spoilers do reveal that Annaliese will be getting a rose from somebody, as she’ll be sticking around for a bit yet. Will Kenny find love with any of these ladies? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that he leaves Mexico without finding love, but everybody will have to tune in as these episodes air on Monday and Tuesday nights to see where things head next.