Meghan Markle Will Be 150 Miles Away From Dad During Stateside Trip, But They Might As Well Be Worlds Apart

Charles McQuillan / StringerGetty Images

Meghan Markle will be 150 miles away from her dad, Thomas, when she visits her mom during her solo trip to the U.S. And while Meghan will be within hours’ drive of seeing her father, the emotional distance between them appears to be much greater, as they might as well be worlds apart.

On the other hand, this is likely to be a great opportunity for the duchess to reconnect with her mom, as she hasn’t seen her since the royal wedding. However, being that close to her dad doesn’t mean that the duchess will take the opportunity to see Thomas. In fact, it appears unlikely that Meghan would be visiting her dad, as reports suggest that neither she nor Harry would be interested in speaking with her dad at this time. Also, Thomas hasn’t made any indication that he’s preparing to see his daughter soon, detailed Express.

It doesn’t help that Thomas keeps giving unapproved interviews, which is precisely one thing that upsets the royal family the most. Royal sources have not confirmed or denied such a trip by Meghan to see her dad, according to the Daily Mail.

After all, things started falling apart after half-sister Samantha convinced Meghan’s dad to take staged paparazzi posts for an easy payday right before the wedding. Conversely, mother Doria has stayed clear out of the public eye.


The comments being made by Thomas, her half-siblings, and now even an uncle are all fairly shocking and derogatory towards the duchess. Thomas in particular has made some bold declarations, including the memorable moment when he declared that perhaps Meghan would be better off if he were dead. He’s also added that Meghan would be “nothing without me” and blasted the royal family for being “like Scientologists or the Stepford family.”


Luckily, Meghan has a great support system in place.

“They are rising above it and have the support of the entire family whatever happens,” one source said.

Besides all of the family drama, Meghan may possibly head to Toronto to see some of her Suits friends, like Jessica Mulroney. Prince Harry is not expected to accompany Meghan on this trip. However, the two are planning to visit the United States in 2019.

So for now, the only thing royal fans can do is wait and watch to see what happens with Meghan and her estranged family members.

The drama is just adding more stress to Harry and Meghan’s busy schedule. They’re going to be in Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand in October.