House Committee Considers Subpoena For Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Over Alleged Censorship Of Conservatives

Joining clamor over the recent banning of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his content under the InfoWars umbrella from YouTube and Facebook, as previously reported on by the Inquisitr, comes a new argument from a House Committee — that conservatives are being censored and silenced on popular social media platform Twitter. According to reportage from Politico, staff of the House Energy and Commerce Committee have begun to raise the possibility of posting a subpoena for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to testify in front of a panel concerned with the many allegations of censorship concerning political conservatives.

Politico‘s anonymous Republican source says that Twitter is “delaying” and “stonewalling” the House committee, which has been in negotiations over the course of the past few weeks in service of bringing Dorsey in for his testimony regarding Twitter’s data and content policies.

In an op-ed published yesterday to, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy made it plain that he believes that Twitter is actively subverting and stifling the voices of conservative users on the popular social media platform, referring to a Vice article illustrating the fact as early as last year. McCarthy goes on to excoriate both Twitter and Google — including both Google Search as well as YouTube — for what he argues is a brazen and duplicitous social engineering project designed to bury dissident voices from right-wing politicians, political action committees, and personal users. The House majority leader closes his letter with a damning indictment of social media censorship.

“Social media censorship threatens our ability to have these conversations. When only one side is doing the talking, you don’t call it a dialogue. You call it a lecture.”

Twitter is not alone in coming under fire from right-wing voices, individuals and organizations alike with a more conservative outlook claiming that Facebook is also ramping up a quiet campaign to stifle their viewpoints from reaching a broader audience. According to the Daily Caller, popular conservative publication PragerU has been undergoing a so-called “shadow ban”. Shadow banning is a term used to explain a circumstance in which a content creator or media outlet makes a post and said post is not actually distributed to their followers or their news feed — even though it shows no obvious indication of having been muffled.

In addition to PragerU having undergone what appears to be an administrative shadow ban, their regular content that has been successfully shared has regularly been removed, with Facebook citing violations of their so-called “hate speech” policies.

Tom Fitton, president of popular conservative legal watchdog Judicial Watch, also claims to have been shadow banned by Twitter. Fitton recently took to the platform to share his opposition to the practice alongside a promise that it would not stop him, or his organization, from fulfilling their mandate.

President Donald Trump has also weighed in on the matter, stating that the censorship is in fact very real, and that he and his administration “won’t let that happen.”