James Corden & ‘The Crown’s Matt Smith Share Spoof Trailer About Royal Cop Series [Video]

'Lizzie & The Duke' details the fictional exploits of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

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'Lizzie & The Duke' details the fictional exploits of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Now that he is no longer playing Prince Philip in The Crown, Matt Smith took advantage of one last opportunity to don his royal togs and play the role opposite pal James Corden as Queen Elizabeth in a funny spoof trailer for something called Lizzie & The Duke. Corden helmed the clip for the fake action film that has the monarch and her husband fighting crime in Los Angeles with Terry Crews as Police Chief McDaniels.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the trailer that has Corden as the queen (complete with crown and sash) ready to be the bad cop fighting crime while Smith as Prince Philip is the more reasonable good cop. Before we see Terry Crews, a voiceover shares the intro.

“Crime is a cancer and its cure is a new breed of cop.”

The trailer starts with Crews as Chief McDaniels talking to Smith as Prince Philip, telling him that he has found him a crime-fighting partner. Prince Philip explains that he works alone.

“I am a lone wolf. You know I work alone.”

But Chief McDaniels isn’t having it, and introduces Prince Philip’s new partner.

“I’d like you to meet Her Majesty.”

The two royals admit they have a past.

“I don’t care about your past. I put you two together because you’re the best of the best. Now get out there and get me some results.”

And so Queen Elizabeth takes charge.

“Come on, Philip,” said Elizabeth. “Let’s go teach these ghastly ruffians manners.”

Matt Smith is not quite the Prince Philip fans saw in The Crown, as his look is exaggerated with a foppish blonde wig. The Daily Mail says that both Corden and Smith are obvious caricatures of the royals as Prince Philip is serving tea to a criminal he is questioning.

“Now listen hear man, we have you on tape. Who’s running this operation? If you tell us then we work something out. Now is it one lump or two, dear?”

The criminal rebuffs Prince Philip, so Queen Elizabeth comes in as the enforcer to beat the thug’s head against the table yelling “one lump or two!”

There is a beheading, several chases on foot, and a number of amusing taglines, including “I’m too royal for this sh*t.”

Matt Smith played Prince Philip in Seasons 1 and 2 of the Netflix series The Crown, but the role has been taken over by Tobias Menzies as the character of Prince Philip is aging over the years, and Smith is too young to play Prince Philip in his 50s.