‘Fixer Upper’ Fans Think Chip Gaines Needs To Renovate His Cornbread, Posts Pic Of Disgusting Dish On Twitter

Brian Ach / InvisionAP Images

Chip Gaines can renovate and “flip” houses with the best of them. Properly cut cornbread, he cannot.

As Fox News reports, the Fixer Upper star caused considerable consternation among his fans with a Twitter post this week, showing his utter failure at understanding the concept of a proper cut.

Gaines, as you know, is a proper Texan (based in Waco), and by some measures Texans are Southerners. For example, the family’s Southern heritage is evident in the word “Magnolia,” which appears in the name of their realty company – and of course, all Southerners know that the Magnolia blossom is the prized flower of the South.

Another thing that all Southerners [should] know how to do is make cornbread. After all, cornbread is as much a staple of the Southern diet as rice is to the Asian diet.

And while Chip seems to have made a decent cornbread, he committed the cardinal sin of cutting it improperly. Sure, the moistest and most-desirable portions of any baked product is the middle. But politeness (another thing Southerners take to heart) dictates that you start with the edge pieces and work your way in.

Not so Chip Gaines. Check out his cornbread sin below.

Chip’s fans weren’t at all concerned about the placement of the car seat (after all, there was no baby in it, so who cares?). But the crime against cuisine that is the way he cut his cornbread could not be ignored.

Twitter user @clive22 didn’t care a lick about the car seat. But the cornbread…

“Forget about the car seat. Who cut that in the middle? Everyone knows you start at the corner.”

And user @3morgans was positively triggered.

“What sort of monster cuts out the middle first?? #Notok #SoShook”

Another user took exception to Chip’s baking the cornbread in a glass baking dish. User @RowdyBun didn’t even recognize it as cornbread, thinking instead Chip had just made (and improperly cut) an unfrosted cake. When it was pointed out to her that it was cornbread, she was incredulous.

“Possibly, but what Texan makes cornbread not in a cast iron skillet?????????????”

Good point, @RowdyBun. For what it’s worth, in the part of Missouri where this writer lives, Chip’s cornbread qualifies as “cake.” True cornbread around here is razor-thin and crispy.

Chip, for his part, hasn’t responded to the Great Cornbread Controversy. Likely that’s all for the best: Maybe he should just stick to shiplap and leave the cooking to JoAnna.