Meghan Markle Will Likely Hint That She’s Pregnant When She Makes This Change To Her Appearance Early On

Chris JacksonGetty Images

As the world eagerly awaits word that Meghan Markle is pregnant with her first royal child, one etiquette expert has identified one change the new duchess will likely make to her appearance early in her pregnancy. It’s a change to her hair that is easily observable so it’s worth keeping an eye on for those anxious for Meghan and Prince Harry to become parents.

Many see the marriage of Meghan and Harry as a sign that the royal family is easing up a bit on some traditions. Markle breaks the mold for traditional royal spouses in a couple of ways. Her marriage to Harry is not her first. She was also married to actor/producer Trevor Engleson, for about two years. There have been exceptions, but divorce has generally been frowned upon among royals, so many were relieved when this possible problem didn’t prevent Markle’s marriage to Harry.

The other way that the Duchess of Sussex is different from the traditional royal spouse is her mixed ethnicity. The Washington Post reported back in November that it’s possible that Queen Charlotte who reigned back in the 13th century was of African descent, but otherwise, a biracial royal has been unheard of. That changed with Markle, and it’s why there may be an early tell-tale sign that she’s pregnant.

Meghan Markle’s father, Thomas Markle, is Caucasian. Her mother, Doria Ragland, is African-American. The Sun reports that she spoke about how this affects her hair.

“My mum is black and my dad is Dutch and Irish, so the texture of my hair is densely curly. I’ve been getting Brazilian blowouts for a couple of years.”

While it isn’t known whether she still gets this treatment to straighten her hair, etiquette expert Myka Meier says that she likely maintains her straight tresses with either Brazilian blowouts, which include formaldehyde and keratin, or a treatment that uses only keratin. Meier said that she is one-quarter African American and uses both treatments to straighten her curly frizzy hair but had to stop using them once she knew she was pregnant. Although the chemicals aren’t ingested, the scalp does absorb small amounts of them and the fumes are inhaled. There is concern that inhaling fumes from substances containing formaldehyde may cause birth defects, and there isn’t enough research to indicate whether keratin treatments are safe while pregnant, so doctors generally err on the side of caution. This means that the Duchess will likely have to stop treating her hair in the manner she is used to when she’s expecting so there will be definite and obvious changes to her hair texture and style.

“I think we’ll see her wearing more of a bun when that happens, which could be a tell-tale sign she is pregnant as she’ll no longer be able to use those stringent chemicals that are often used for that beautiful glossy look.”

So the hair watch begins. If Markle begins appearing in public with her gorgeous naturally curly hair, it may be a sign to the world a new royal baby is on the way.