Jimmy Fallon Throws Up On Air While Playing Nasty Drinking Game With Ryan Reynolds

Andrew LipovskyNBC

Jimmy Fallon lost it when he played a round of “Drinko” with Ryan Reynolds. The late-night host couldn’t keep up when the Deadpool 2 star stopped by to promote his movie’s digital and Blu-Ray release and his Aviation American Gin.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the video of Fallon and Reynolds playing a drinking version of The Price is Right fan-favorite game, Plinko, using the movie star’s gin product. The two stars were tasked with mixing the gin with a variety of stomach-churning mixtures such as “blood,” horseradish, bone broth, clam juice, and maple syrup.

Reynolds lucked out on his first try and scored a cocktail of Twinkies and grape soda mixed with Aviation. But Fallon couldn’t stomach his combination of gin, Twinkies, and horseradish. The Tonight Show host grabbed a puke bucket and vomited as soon as he chugged the concoction.

Reynolds told Fallon, “You barfed up your whole childhood!”

The actor proved to be a much more skilled drinker than Fallon. After he downed a grape soda, “blood,” bone broth, bacon, egg, and cheese cocktail, he followed it with a straight Aviation Gin chaser.

You can see Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Reynolds playing the gnarly Drinko game in the video below.

This is not the first time Fallon has made headlines for his “drinking.” Last year, the 43-year-old comic shut down rumors that he had a drinking problem after a New York Post report alleged that NBC executives were worried that Fallon’s drinking was spiraling “out of control.” The article cited the late-night host’s headline-making hand injuries and a chipped tooth.

In 2015, Fallon seriously injured his hands in two separate incidents. One of the accidents was so serious that he spent 10 days in the ICU after complicated micro-surgery on his finger. A source told In Touch Weekly the accident occurred because Fallon “fell after partying all night.”

Fallon also chipped his tooth while trying to open a jar of scar tissue repair gel in order to treat his recovering finger injury, and a few months later, he fell onto a broken Jägermeister bottle and injured his hand while accepting the Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor at Harvard University.

But in an interview with The New York Times, Fallon shot down the rumors about a drinking problem, saying, “I could never do a day-to-day job if I was drinking every night. That’s just kicking you when you’re down.”

At the time, an NBC executive also insisted Jimmy “doesn’t have a drinking problem that any of us know about.”

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