Lindsay Lohan Has A New Baby Brother After Her Father’s Girlfriend Gives Birth

Lindsay Lohan has a new baby brother.

Her dad Michael Lohan and his girlfriend Kate Major welcomed their first child together at a Florida hospital. The baby boy was born healthy at 7 pounds and 5 ounces, E! News reported. The name for Lindsay Lohan’s little brother is surprisingly normal — Landon Major Lohan.

While she was becoming a big sister again, Lindsay Lohan barely had time to stop to enjoy it. She was rushing from Los Angeles to New York to make a court appearance, despite initially telling a judge that she was too sick to fly out for the hearing.

Lohan is facing charges stemming from a car crash that happened back in June. She was charged for willfully resisting, obstruction, providing false information to an officer and reckless driving.
Even if she did have time, Lindsay Lohan probably wouldn’t be dropping off a gift basket for her new baby brother. She has been outspoken against her father and his relationship with Kate Major, even going so far as to call the pregnancy “awful and disgusting.”

“She feels bad for the child,” a source told HollywoodLife.

Lindsay Lohan’s baby brother wasn’t exactly conceived under ideal circumstances. While Kate was in her trimester she had a restraining order against Michael, making it illegal to spend time together — it was believed the baby was conceived during this time. But all appears to be well between the couple now, as Michael was present for the entire delivery and even cut the baby’s cord.

(Photo: TMZ)