‘Lucifer’ Season 4: Writers Have Penned The First Script Title And A Mysterious Priest May Be After Lucifer

Frederick M. Brown Getty Images

Since Netflix picked up the supernatural drama Lucifer for Season 4 in June, fans have been wondering what will be transpiring in the new season now that Chloe finally realizes the truth about Lucifer Morningstar, and writers have now penned the title for the first episode of Season 4, while we also learn that there is a mysterious priest who may be after Lucifer himself.

According to Hidden Remote, the first episode of Season 4 of Lucifer has been titled, “Everything’s Okay.” Fans are excitedly discussing the meaning behind this new episode, and there have been some suggestions that it may refer to the fact that Chloe will end up being absolutely fine with the revelation that Lucifer Morningstar is truly Lucifer himself. After all, he did tell her who his true identity was on many different occasions, and she laughingly dismissed these every time, as did his therapist, who felt that he was simply using metaphors and having fun at their expense.

As plausible as this theory certainly is, the “Everything’s Okay,” episode could also refer to the close call the cast of Lucifer had after Fox canceled it, with Netflix stepping in to ensure that everything would indeed really and truly be okay as they could guarantee Season 4 now, and the cliffhanger that ended the last season could finally be resolved.

The first episode could also be inspired by the massive show of support that the cast and crew of Lucifer received after the show was canceled, when Lucifans took to social media in droves and demanded the return of Lucifer Morningstar. Or, it could be that all of these things apply to the title of the first episode of Season 4 as they certainly do fit together nicely.

The first episode of this new season has been reported to be written by co-showrunner Joe Henderson. While Henderson has written his fair share of episodes, the start of Season 4 marks the first time that he will have written the debut of the season since penning the start of Season 2 of Lucifer. Joe Henderson must surely be elated to be penning the newest episode, especially given the fact that he has previously stated that he never felt the show would be resolved after Fox canceled it after the third season.

TVline has now reported that the new season will also allegedly be featuring a mysterious priest who is hot on the trail of Lucifer Morningstar and is determined to reveal his true agenda.

Season 4 of Lucifer is set to air sometime in 2019, and Lucifans are anxiously awaiting confirmation of the exact date when it will finally hit TV screens.