Selena Gomez Would Be ‘The First’ To Reach Out To Ex Justin Bieber If He And Fiance Hailey Baldwin Split Up

Carlo AllegriAP Images

Is Selena Gomez still harboring deep feelings for her ex-love Justin Bieber?

According to a recent report by the Daily Mail, the “Wolves” singer, 26, still thinks about her first serious boyfriend from time to time and if for some reason the “Sorry” singer and his fiancee Hailey Baldwin were to call off their whole relationship, Gomez would be “the first” person to reach out to him.

Fans fell in love with “Jelena” when they began dating in 2010. However, the two never seemed to be able to be able to make their relationship work as they spent the next eight years constantly breaking up only to get back together shortly after. After a last attempt to try to get it right, Gomez and Bieber, 24, decided to call it quits for good back in March.

While many fans have now accepted that “Jelena” is done for good, there are still some who hope the couple will somehow make a comeback and according to an insider, Gomez isn’t exactly opposed to the idea as she still “misses” Bieber and would be “the first” to get in touch with him if he and Baldwin, 21, were to split up.

“Selena’s happy and very busy with her life, but there are moments she still misses Justin. This is someone she has loved for so long, of course there are lingering feelings. But she is not going to reach out to him or try to interfere with his relationship while he is still with Hailey. But if things fell apart, she would be the first to send him a text. She will always have a place in her heart for her first love.”

Not long after they broke up, the “Love Yourself” singer was spotted hanging out with Baldwin in June and after just a month of rumored dating, the couple got engaged on July 7 while enjoying a romantic getaway in the Bahamas.

When the news of their engagement hit the media waves, all eyes were on the “Hands To Myself” singer who seemed to be handling the news with great stride and multiple sources have claimed that Selena couldn’t be bothered by the news and was instead more focused on her career.

“Selena has very mixed emotions when it comes to Justin being engaged. Some days she’s almost relieved because it’s shut the door and allowed her to move on. But other days she can’t help but feel some disappointment,” the insider continued.

The insider goes on to claim that for a while, Gomez “believed” that she would be the one the Bieber married.

“Selena’s still coming to terms with her and Justin being over forever, so there are days she still can’t quite believe he’s engaged and about to marry someone else. For years Selena believed it would be her marrying Justin.”

As heartbreaking as this might seem to fans, it doesn’t look like Bieber and Baldwin will be splitting up anytime soon as multiple sources have revealed that the couple can’t wait to be husband and wife and Bieber has never been more sure about any woman in his entire life than he is about Baldwin.