At Least Four Killed In Canadian Shooting In Fredericton, Police Have Suspect In Custody As Search Continues

The capital city of the province of New Brunswick, Fredericton, was rocked by gunfire earlier this morning according to Global News.

Four people have been confirmed as having been fatally wounded, two of whom are now confirmed to have been police officers according to CBC. The municipal police force for the City of Fredericton has been live-tweeting the event, keeping the public updated with as much vital information as can be passed along.

Local resident David MacCoubrey told reporters with The Canadian Press that he was abruptly awoken from his sleep at approximately 7:07 a.m. this morning by a trio of gunshots which broke out just outside his home, as near as 10 meters from his bed.

MacCoubrey told the media that the three gunshots were followed up by 17 more between that time and about 8:30 a.m. He also offered up a brief bit of information from his perspective, stating that the apartment complex in which he lives is comprised of four buildings in a rough square and that the shots sounded as if they were being discharged from somewhere in the middle of the square.

He corroborated his story by pointing out that police had indeed been sweeping that particular area, also taking time to note that as soon as the gunfire began, he had taken shelter on the floor of his unit, far away from the windows.

Police are currently asking people to call 911 in case of emergency and, if members of the public have any pertinent information, to pass it along to the emergency phone service as well given that the departmental switchboard has been overwhelmed with calls.

Law enforcement officials are also requesting that residents of the Brookside Drive area between main and ring roads to remain inside, to lock their doors, and to stay away from windows until the situation is deemed to be clear. As yet, though one suspect is in custody, police continue to investigate the matter and to sweep the area. It is unknown as yet if there is another assailant or possible suspect remaining beyond police custody.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to social media platform Twitter to offer a brief note of support for the people of Fredericton.

Halifax Regional Police Chief Jean-Michael Blais also tweeted out that he has been in contact with authorities in Fredericton and has offered any and all support that they can offer from the nearby Atlantic Canadian capital city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.


The tragedy taking place in the usually quiet and peaceful city of Fredericton has Canadians across the country united in their grief, with social media and online comments sections alight with equal parts sadness and outrage.

As first responders and law enforcement officers work in tandem to secure the region, they ask that all members of the public refrain from posting details of the activities ongoing to social media, presumably to prevent the flow of privileged information.