Mark McGwire Signs Prosthetic Leg For Fan At Dodgers Event

Mark McGwire signs a lot of things, but a prosthetic leg that a fan offered to him at a signing event is likely one of the weirdest.

The fan met McGwire at a recent Los Angeles Dodgers fan event. As others presented paper or baseball cards for the legendary slugger to sign, this one fan had something else in mind. The fan waited in line in a wheelchair, and when his time came to meet McGwire he offered something unusual for an autograph — his fake leg.

Mark McGwire played it cool as he signed the fan’s prosthetic leg.

From the Yahoo! Sports blog Big League Stew:

“Notice how receptive, even enthusiastic, McGwire is about signing this fan’s leg at a recent Los Angeles Dodgers fan event. He could have been totally weirded out when the dude handed him a leg with a New Balance shoe on the end of it, but no, he’s cool. McGwire even appears to marvel at the technology it must have taken to craft such a prosthesis. And perhaps he appreciates the gumption it must have taken for the fan to make such a request of the Dodgers new batting coach. It’s not every day a fella gets handed a Sharpie and a leg.”

In case you were wondering why St. Louis Cardinals legend Mark McGwire signs the prosthetic leg at an event for the Dodgers, it’s because in the offseason McGwire signed on as hitting coach for Los Angeles. McGwire will be tasked with turning around the Dodgers’ sputtering offense, The Associated Press noted. It seems like with the prosthetic leg signing, McGwire is already earning some respect of those famously fickle Dodgers fans.