Demi Lovato And Wilmer Valderrama Consider Marriage As They Reconnect After OD, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Demi and Wilmer have reportedly rekindled their romance and are talking about marriage.

Demi and Wilmer consider marriage.
Evan Agostini / AP Images

Demi and Wilmer have reportedly rekindled their romance and are talking about marriage.

Demi Lovato’s scary OD has left family, friends, and fans worried about her well-being. Thankfully, it appears that Demi is on her way to recovery by opting to go to rehab right after being released from the hospital. Also, it looks like Lovato’s relapse has been a wake-up call for Wilmer Valderrama. Although the two had separated in June 2016 after two years together, it looks like they are rekindling their romance, according to Hollywood Life.

A source said that Lovato wants a future with Wilmer, and that “Wilmer feels the same way – he wants to get married, too.” And that’s not too surprising to hear since Wilmer was reportedly by Demi’s side throughout her hospitalization.

“Wilmer came to the hospital several times while Demi was recovering, and he would stay for hours. He truly loves Demi, and she loves him.”

Even after the couple had split up in June, Demi was still talking about her feelings for Wilmer in October. She said that “We connected on a level that I’ve never connected with anybody before. He was just my rock. My everything.”

And it looks like he’s a good influence on Demi, consider that Hollywood Life said that Wilmer was “instrumental” in her decision to continue treatment at rehab. However, the final decision was made by Demi, with the support of her family.

Lovato made a statement for her fans, telling them that “I will keep fighting.” She said that “What I’ve learned is that this illness is not something that disappears or fades with time. It is something I must continue to overcome and have not done yet.”

It’s difficult for anyone to know the series of events that led to her relapse, but she credited Wilmer for his support when she celebrated her three years’ sobriety in March 2015. She expressed her love and gratitude for him in a sweet Instagram post.

When news of Demi’s overdose first broke, Wilmer was heartbroken, detailed People. Even then, sources described how Wilmer was the love of her life, and that the two had remained close friends even after the breakup. Demi even said that she’d never loved anyone else the way she loved him.

When Lovato released “Sorry,” it was a huge red flag for everyone that she needed help. Later on, she was seen out at clubs drinking, which soon spiraled out of control.

However, a source said that “[Wilmer and Demi] found their way back to each other, so something good has come out of this nightmare.”