A Radio Host Asked Michael Avenatti If He’s Ever Slept With Stormy Daniels

Seth Wenig / AP Images

In an interview with Sirius XM host Karen Hunter, Michael Avenatti was asked if he had ever had sex with Stormy Daniels. According to The Daily Beast, Hunter and Avenatti spoke about Daniels’ case against President Trump, in which she claims that the NDA he allegedly had her sign after they had sex was invalid because he had not signed it himself. The suit also alleged that Trump tried to use scare tactics to keep her quiet.

Avenatti, who has represented Daniels since early this year, has been making his rounds on various media outlets and addressing the case and President Trump’s actions. So when Hunter asked him if he had ever “partaken in her wares” referring to Daniels, Avanatti seemed taken aback.

“So I’ve been at this about six months in connection with this case and I have to hand it to you. Because as you and some of your listeners may know, I’ve done probably more than two or three interviews. No one has ever asked me this question so, I’m going to answer the question as cleanly as possible,” Avenatti said. “Here’s the answer: absolutely not. I’ve never had sexual relations with this woman.”

He added that though he has watched adult films in the past, he had never seen any of Daniels’ work, despite the numerous emails he allegedly receives that feature illicit photos of Daniels from random people. He reiterated that he’s never had “any intimate contact with her at all,” and said he viewed her as more of a sister.

This isn’t the first time this month Avenatti has been in the news. According to Raw Story, he tweeted that Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer and the man who allegedly offered Daniels a payoff of $130,000 for her silence, said he should have done the right thing in regard to the Russia investigation.

“He should have come clean and publicly disclosed everything he knew if he was a true ‘Patriot. He and his lawyers completely misplayed this and now he will rightfully pay a very steep price,” Avenatti said. In addition to the issues Cohen faces regarding the Russia investigation, Raw Story also found that Cohen is now being investigated for tax fraud.

Last month, Avenatti hinted at a possible presidential run in 2020, but only if Trump runs for reelection. “I will run, but only if I think that there is no other candidate in the race that has a REAL chance at beating him.” He added that he can’t sit back and watch another replay of 2016, and said he can’t stand to have America’s values and principles destroyed.