Tristan Thompson’s Lunch Date With Mystery Women Was Strictly Business, Per ‘Hollywood Life’

tristan thompson opens up about baby true
Ronald Martinez / AP Images

Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, was spotted out with his former teammate, LeBron James, this week, and the photos from the outing sparked suspicion.

According to an August 6 report by Hollywood Life, Tristan Thompson and LeBron James were seen in Tristan’s hometown of Toronto, Canada, this week having dinner with three mystery women. The lunch date looked innocent, but with Thompson’s history of cheating, people couldn’t help but wonder.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Khloe Kardashian even “demanded” answers about who the women were. However, given the nature of the photos and the fact that Tristan was with LeBron James, she wasn’t too worried about the gathering.

Now sources are revealing that Tristan Thompson’s lunch date with the women was all about business. “Tristan’s lunch was strictly business, which he thinks was pretty obvious to anyone who looks at the photos. Tristan has had to work really hard to regain Khloe’s trust, which is fine with him, because he knows he messed up, and he’s vowed that he will never be that stupid again,” an insider told the outlet.

The source added that Tristan Thompson has learned his lesson when he came close to losing Khloe Kardashian, and the family they have built together. The situation was reportedly a “wake up call” for the NBA star, and he won’t make the same mistake twice.

“Tristan came so close to losing everything that he cares most about in this world, and it was a real wake up call for him, so you can bet that he’s learned his lesson from it. Tristan and Khloe are finally getting back to where they were before the whole cheating scandal kicked off, and things are nice and chill again between them.”

The Inquisitr also recently reported that Tristan Thompson is only now just starting to understand how badly he hurt Khloe Kardashian with his cheating. As many fans will remember, Tristan was busted cheating on Khloe with multiple women back in April, only a few days before the birth of their daughter, True.

A source tells People Magazine that Tristan has completely “stepped up” when it comes to his responsibilities as a father and boyfriend. He’s now doing everything he can to get back into Khloe’s good graces, and is reportedly trying hard to be the father and man that Kardashian wants him to be. He’s even agreed to participate during the couple’s therapy sessions.

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