Becca Kufrin Seeks Clarity, ‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers Tease She Gets It During Date With Blake And He’s All-In

Will Blake Horstmann's last-chance date with Becca Kufrin seal the deal for him when it comes to the 'Bachelorette final rose ceremony?

Paul Hebert / ABC

Will Blake Horstmann's last-chance date with Becca Kufrin seal the deal for him when it comes to the 'Bachelorette final rose ceremony?

The Bachelorette viewers are dying to see what happens with Becca Kufrin’s final rose ceremony during Monday night’s finale. Garrett Yrigoyen and Blake Horstmann will head to the Maldives with Becca and they’ll both get to meet the Kufrin family and have a final date. New spoiler-filled sneak peeks share some juicy tidbits into how things play out for Blake and Becca during these last outings and these will surely have fans holding their breath as they root for their favorite bachelor.

ABC shared a clip of Blake Horstmann arriving to meet Becca Kufrin’s family. He’s nervous, which is to be expected, but he says he’s very excited as well. Blake admits that he’s feeling a lot of pressure in meeting the Kufrin family, but he adds that he had been feeling confident up until the past week or so. Horstmann says that he loves Becca so much at this point that it terrifies him that he could lose her.

Another sneak peek from the network gave a glimpse into Becca and Blake’s last date. The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that they’ll ride bikes and paddleboard together, and Horstmann is seen talking about how they built a foundation for their relationship on their first date and it’s just grown since then.

Blake says that he loves Becca more than he thought he was capable of, and he knows they have a special connection. Horstmann shares that it’s wild to be in the Maldives with the woman he loves and he thinks it’s insane how he and Becca gravitate toward one another. The Bachelorette suitor says that this is the final puzzle piece to their love story and that it’s exciting.

While Horstmann has no doubts about Kufrin and their relationship, Bachelorette spoilers hint that Becca will still be somewhat conflicted at this point. She’s in love with both Blake and Garrett Yrigoyen, and she’ll go into that last date hoping for clarity regarding her decision.

Extra reveals that heading into the evening portion of their last-chance date, Blake will give Becca a gift. The Bachelorette spoilers share that it’ll be a shadow box of sorts, filled with tidbits and pictures from their journey this season.

Kufrin will love the gift, and during the clip, she’ll talk about how Blake always surprises her and is so good at everything he does. The Bachelorette will tout Horstmann’s great qualities, like how he’s romantic, he stimulates her, makes her laugh, and can hold great conversations with her, and it certainly seems as if she’ll consider him the full package.

Becca indicates that throughout this time in the Maldives, she’s been anxious for clarity regarding the tough decision she has to make. During this last date with Blake, she’ll think that she’s finally found it. The Bachelorette will reveal that she can even envision Horstmann standing in front of her, professing his love to her with her professing it back.

Kufrin may think at this point that she’s finally found the clarity she needed to decide between Yrigoyen and Horstmann, but Bachelorette spoilers hint that her decision may not be so solid after this outing after all. Viewers will get to see all of this play out during the finale on ABC Monday night, and they won’t want to miss hearing from Becca Kufrin, Blake Horstmann, and Garrett Yrigoyen during the After the Final Rose special after that last rose ceremony.