The Royal Family Has A Plan For Ending Meghan Markle’s Family Drama

After much discussion, the royals have identified three ways they may be able to quiet Thomas Markle.

The Royal Family Has A Plan For Ending Meghan Markle's Family Drama
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

After much discussion, the royals have identified three ways they may be able to quiet Thomas Markle.

The royal family is understandably unhappy with the constant drama created by Meghan Markle’s father Thomas and half-sister Samantha. Well it seems they have a plan they hope will settle the dust once and for all. It consists of three different approaches.

One of the palace’s major issues with Thomas Markle is the number of interviews he gives that disclose highly personal information about his daughter Meghan. Since her May wedding to Prince Harry, Thomas has shared the content of conversations he has had with Prince Harry, thrown shade on the royal family for the pain he says he sees in her smile, slammed Meghan for her superior attitude, and made threats to “unload” on the royal family. This isn’t exactly the way to mend fences.

Insider reports that the first option the royal family sees for quieting Thomas Markle is to “bring him into the fold” by rebuilding the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and her father. Thomas has stated that his prior means of communicating with Meghan, a number for phone calls and another for texts, have been eliminated. With those numbers, he was able to communicate with her aides, and it’s not known whether that is the intent when re-establishing contact or whether the intent is to facilitate direct communication between Thomas Markle and the newlyweds.

Another option discussed for quieting the uproar surrounding Meghan Markle and her family is for her to personally reach out to her father. As recently reported by the Inquisitr, rumors are circulating that the new duchess will visit her father during a pre-planned visit to the U.S. in late August. There is even talk that Thomas has provided two dates that he would be available for meeting with his daughter in Los Angeles.

The third, and less desirable, option identified by royals as a way to bring a stop to all the negative attention Thomas Markle is drawing to Meghan is to simply ignore him and cut off all contact with him. There are hurt feelings with everyone involved, and no one wants to see it come to this, but it could be a last resort. As a former royal aide said, “It looks so bad not to be in contact with him in some way. It’s simply not a very elegant solution to cut him off and ignore him.” The aide also suggested, “It may be more important to show him some respect.” Many would argue that it may also be important that Thomas show Meghan and the royal family some respect.