Jennifer Aniston Takes A Break From Filming ‘Murder Mystery’ To Hang Out At George Clooney’s Lake Como Mansion

Adam Sandler also joined Aniston at the star-studded reunion.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

Adam Sandler also joined Aniston at the star-studded reunion.

While she may not still be married to Brad Pitt, that doesn’t stop Jennifer Aniston from hanging out with one of his best pals — George Clooney.

According to the Daily Mail, Aniston took a much-needed break from filming her upcoming Netflix film Murder Mystery to hang out with one her pals, George Clooney. The publication shares that Aniston and her co-star, Adam Sandler, were seen arriving at George and Amal Clooney’s Lake Como home in style. Sandler and Aniston made their way to Clooney’s mansion by way of boat together.

Aniston looked incredibly chic in black capri dress pants and a matching black tank top paired with a black leather belt around her waist. The actress wore her long, blonde locks down and slightly curled as she could also be seen sporting a pair of matching black sandals. To jazz up her all-black look a little bit more, Aniston sported a gold watch as well as a black purse with a gold chain that she wore across her chest.

Sandler, on the other hand, looked a little more casual in a pair of black, white, and blue Adidas basketball shorts along with a powder blue polo shirt. He completed his laid-back look with a pair of black sneakers. And he didn’t show up empty-handed, Sandler was also seen carrying a giant glass vase of flowers while a male pal was seen carrying a bottle of wine. Sandler’s wife, Jackie Sandler, also attended the star-studded event.

According to the Express, Amal and George have been hosting A-listers at their home in Lake Como, Italy, as Clooney is also there for work, filming his upcoming series, Catch 22. According to E! Online, Clooney and Aniston first met on the set of Friends when Clooney had a role on ER at the time and NBC did somewhat of a cross-over episode. Aniston also starred in a film that Clooney produced — Rock Star with Mark Wahlberg.

And once Aniston and Brad Pitt tied the knot, Brad and George remained close friends, starring in many films together including the Ocean’s 11 franchise. Most recently, Aniston and Friends co-star, Courteney Cox, paid tribute to Clooney as the actor received the AFI Life Achievement Award. The two joked about Clooney’s appearance on Friends while he was also starring in ER at the time.

“The success of the show can be explained in two words,” began Aniston. And while Cox announced “George Clooney,” Aniston yelled, “Lead-in!”

Cox then said, “She’s right. Let’s just admit it right here and now. There were millions of people watching Friends that happened to stay there — too lazy to turn the channel. Without us, you’re Chicago Hope, buddy.”

“Lucky for you, George, we remained on the air on Thursday nights, pretty much paving the way for I’d say every success that you’ve had since then,” Aniston quipped.

What a fun friendship.