Taylor Swift Freaks Out Her Cat, Olivia, By Wearing The Feline’s Face On Her Ears

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Taylor Swift is always full of surprises, especially when it comes to having guests show up at her concerts. But what about at home? Her two cats, Meredith and Olivia, seem to love the spotlight, at least once in a while. Now that they have their own line of kitty products, they may become quite the stars. However, poor Olivia doesn’t seem to know exactly what to think after seeing her face on Taylor’s ears.

The “Delicate” singer posted a cute Instagram photo of the cat looking a little confused, or maybe indifferent. You just never know with cats. The snap has Swift showing Olivia her earrings with the feline’s face on them. The camera shows a closeup of Olivia’s face wondering what is going on. Her mom wrote the caption saying, “Olivia just realized I’m wearing earrings of her face.”

That’s right. You can purchase your very own Olivia earrings on Taylor Swift’s web store. The two kitties have their sweet faces plastered all over some cool things. As if they aren’t famous enough, they may become even more well known now that they have actual products out there.

There is also talk of these two having their own live show as well. That could be interesting as Swift has already shown how fickle they can be. A video was seen in June of Meredith lying on what looks like Taylor’s bed. She was trying to make the bed with the cat on it. It wasn’t easy as she just wouldn’t move at all, despite the comforter being moved with her on it. The caption read, “Mer does not care.”


Soon Taylor Swift will be working on the movie adaption of the popular stage musical Cats. This may be when her two furry friends will begin their live show. More information about that will come soon enough.

The pop singer is currently on her Reputation Tour and is having a blast surprising her fans that show up. Over the weekend, she brought out Bryan Adams to duet with his famous tune, “Summer of ’69.” She expressed her excitement over having him join her on stage in Toronto. In fact, she was fan-girling just a bit.

For now, Olivia and Meredith are happy just living the good life while their mom is out bringing home the bacon, but they may soon be bring home the tuna themselves with their future business endeavors. Just wait and see how those two handle it all.