Heather Dubrow Says She Won't Be Sitting Next To Vicki Gunvalson At 'RHOC' Reunion, Tamra Judge Gets IV Infusion In Preparation

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion is set to film in less than two days. As always, the cast members' seating will give a lot of clues as to who they will, and won't be, battling with during the filming. Cast members who are allies and get along are usually seated together on the same couch, opposite from the cast members that they're feuding with or have had major disagreements with during the season.

So, who will Vicki Gunvalson be sitting too? As the season has progressed, Vicki has increasingly found herself on the outside looking in, with the rest of the women questioning her and Brooks Ayers' claim that he has cancer. According to Heather Dubrow, Vicki won't be sitting next to her.

On Tuesday, a viewer posted a tweet that predicted that Vicki, Heather, and Shannon Beador will sitting on one couch, with Tamra Judge and Meghan King Edmonds occupying the other. Heather responded that she doesn't agree with that prediction. Other viewers replied that they think it will be Vicki and Tamra sitting together on one couch facing the other women.

Heather may be well aware that Vicki won't be sitting next to her given her recent statements on Watch What Happens Live. On Monday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Brooks was seen visiting with a doctor and then, with Vicki by his side, showing Tamra the results of his PET-CT scan.

While Heather has mostly stayed out of the cancer drama so far this season, she made clear on Watch What Happens Live that she does find Brooks' cancer claim suspicious, by implying that Vicki and Brooks showed Tamra the scan result because she's the one who is least likely to understand and question it.

"I mean, it's an interesting question. We're shooting the reunion this week, so I'm just going to say there are things I may not say tonight... But I will say that I'm married to a doctor, I'd like to think I have a little M.D. (married to doctor), Shannon goes to lots of doctors, Meghan's been in the medical field, I mean choosing Tamra was an odd choice or a specific choice.
Heather Dubrow also pointed out that the doctor that Brooks was seen visiting with on the episode was just a general physician rather than a specialist and that even the physician threw in the possibility that the medical document that Brooks presented him with could have been faked.
"Well, I mean, the doctor was a general physician. It wasn't an oncologist, so I'm not sure. Actually, I think what the doctor said was that, 'I have this scan and unless it's faked you have this.' That's what the doctor said."
During the scene in which Brooks and Vicki showed Tamra the medical document, Vicki told Tamra that she wants her to tell the other women that she has seen a medical document that proves that Brooks has cancer. When Tamra asked them why they won't just show the other women the document, Vicki said only that it's already a big deal for Brooks to show it to Tamra. Tamra later confessed to the camera that while she wants to support Vicki, she can't really tell the other women that, without doubt, Brooks has cancer because she doesn't understand what she just read. Vicki explained that since the whole cancer drama started with Tamra, it will have to end with Tamra.

Tamra Judge sparked the cancer-doubting storyline when, prodded by her, her psychic said that he doesn't "see" Brooks having cancer. While Tamra has been good friends for Vicki through their many years on the show together, Tamra has mostly stood by as Meghan King Edmonds continues her attack on Vicki and Brooks. Not only that, Tamra has become friends with Vicki's big enemy. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tamra recently spent time in Kansas City with Meghan and her husband, Jim Edmonds, and even called Meghan her "mini-me."

Yet as the Inquisitr previously reported, Vicki Gunvalson recently declared her love for Tamra and stated that they won't go back on their friendship now. In contrast, Vicki's precious staunch alley, Shannon Beador, has said that the finale is "Shannon vs. Vicki" and that they will have to resolve their differences at the reunion since they haven't spoken since filming for the season ended.

Tamra Judge is already prepping herself for the drama that will come at the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion filming. On Tuesday, she posted that she got an IV transfusion of nutrients in preparation for the reunion.


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