'General Hospital' Cast News: Donna Mills Heads Back To Port Charles As Madeline Reeves [Spoilers]

There have been some significant cast changes lately on General Hospital and now news has just emerged regarding an interesting return. Donna Mills is going to be back as Madeline Reeves and viewers are anxious for spoilers regarding what to expect.

As General Hospital fans will remember, Donna Mills first popped up as Madeline Reeves back in March 2014. She is Nina's mother and Obrecht's sister, and she was the legal mother of Nathan as he grew up. Reeves was involved in plenty of chaos during her time in Port Charles, and she was locked up in September 2015 after being nailed for killing Silas.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Mills is set to reprise her role as Reeves. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will first appear again sometime this month and she'll be back for just a short storyline arc.

How will Madeline be brought back into the action this summer? General Hospital spoilers don't reveal the answer to that big question yet, but fans will be anxious to learn more. As ABC Soaps in Depth points out, Nina disowned her mother after Silas' death, so it's not as if there will be a happy reunion on that front, but Nina may need something from her mother as she scrambles regarding the Peter situation.

Viewers are already speculating about where this upcoming storyline might head. Obrecht is on the run after holding Peter captive and Nina, so far, has escaped being nailed for her role in this. Carly was broken out of Ferncliff, but there's a mystery patient there, and Nelle is facing some difficult days after trying to have Michael killed and lying about her baby's death. There's also the fact that Maxie recently gave birth to James, her son with Nathan, and it's not hard to see there's plenty the writers could do with having Madeline back.

Will someone be visiting Madeline in jail, or be tossed into the cell next to her? Will Reeves be out of jail and back in contact with someone in Port Charles? It's also been revealed in recent days that General Hospital fans will soon see Anna, Kristina, Robert, and Laura all back soon and everybody will be interested to see which storylines intersect with one another.

Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as they become available regarding Donna Mills' return as Madeline Reeves. It sounds as if it'll be a short storyline that will be starting quite soon, but it has the potential to shake things up in significant ways.