‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans Could Lose Custody Of Son Kaiser Thanks To Her Road Rage Incidents Involving A Gun

After Jenelle Evans’ road rage incident was aired on Teen Mom 2, many have raised concerns about the welfare of her three kids. One of those concerned, and understandably so, is Jenelle’s ex Nathan Griffith with whom she shares their son, Kaiser. For Nathan, this incident is indicative of a greater issue and he filed for modification of their custody arrangements on July 24.

If Nathan gets his way, he would get full legal and physical custody of Kaiser. Meanwhile, Jenelle would only have secondary custody and would be “prohibited from contacting the minor child,” according to a court clerk, detailed Radar Online. Currently, Nathan and Jenelle have 50/50 custody of Kaiser.

The court filing reveals that Nathan is claiming Jenelle is “violent” and a “danger.” It adds that “Plaintiff and spouse have drug dependency issues… [Jenelle] is frequently in criminal trouble and has been arrested over 20 times.” Moreover, it details how Jenelle has “never completed the prescribed treatment,” referring to the two or three times she’s been to rehab.

Perhaps Nathan has believed all of these things to be true for a while. But even he realized that he had an opportunity to act after Jenelle’s road rage incident went public, and explained his reasoning.

“I think this helps me in my situation of getting custody of Kaiser because it shows an unstable environment and a very hectic situation instead of being calm and escalating where it could be potentially more hazardous.”

Griffith isn’t the only one with these concerns, as many fans echoed their worries, according to In Touch Weekly. It doesn’t help that Jenelle was filmed a second time pulling a gun out during another road rage incident.

In addition to accusing Jenelle of anger issues, the court filing also accuses Jenelle of marijuana use during her pregnancy with Kaiser. The filing says that Kaiser tested positive for THC at birth, while a source denies those claims.

Jenelle’s mom Barbara has told Griffith, “We got to get these kids out of that house. This is bad. We’re going to court to get him out of his house. This is serious s**t. We need to get Kaiser out.”

So far, it doesn’t appear that anyone agrees with Jenelle’s actions during the road rage incidents. David Eason berated Jenelle for her “poor parenting choices,” but that isn’t enough for Nathan to feel OK leaving Kaiser in her care. He said that “Children could have been hurt, she could have been hurt, he could have been hurt — it could have been a nasty situation and a bloodbath.”

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