On ‘The Great British Baking Show’ Sweet Dough Episode Has Serious Consequences

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Believe it or not, last week the episode of The Great British Baking Show was “Pudding” week, and things got bloody, so nobody was voted off. For that reason, judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry made the decision to vote two people off for “Sweet Dough” week.

Last week, as the Inquisitr reported, while everyone was making strudel, John tore open an old cut and ended up bleeding everywhere, and the medics were called in. He had to be pulled from the competition, but one of the other contestants is a doctor, and kept him from passing out.

AV Club says the signature bake this week was yeasted buns of the bakers’ choice. They could be Chelsea Buns, Bakewell Tarts, Hot Cross Buns, or anything else that includes a sweet dough with yeast.

Cathryn found a recipe for Lady Arundel’s Manchet Buns in an old book, but most of the bakers went for Chelsea Buns. For American audiences, a Chelsea Bun is a raisin bun with a lot of cinnamon.

Next, they moved on to the technical challenge, which was jam doughnuts. Back during World War II, doughnuts were a big deal during the conflict and the woman serving them were called “Doughnut Dollies.”

Next, the group started their showstoppers, knowing that two people were going home after that particular bake. Sarah-Jane started with a braided loaf, Brendan had a bundt pan for his stollen, and Ryan made a traditional pork bun (char siu bao) that is made for Chinese New Year.

But even though a sweet dough is usually easier to work with than many other challenging doughs, some of the bakers found themselves in trouble. Kate Kulzick from AV Club commented on Ryan’s showstopper.

“Ryan’s the only baker going with a savory recipe and he has the potential to really stand out, but come judging, his bake is not only raw inside, it’s utterly lacking in any presentation value, a no-no for the showstopper challenge. Sarah-Jane similarly struggles, her beautiful plait ripping in the oven and winding up overcooked on the exterior and raw inside.”

Ryan’s raw showstopper was the final straw, and Paul and Mary put him on the chop list, along with Sarah-Jane. Danny and Brendan managed to find themselves safe. Brendan has been turning in some awesome baked goods and was looking again like the star baker. However, Brendan did not get star baker, and instead, it was Danny, who was neck in neck with Brendan last week but paused to help John with his bloody hand.

Hold on, because next week is biscuits (or cookies as we call them).