Publicist Heads Off Racist Accusations, Says Sean Spicer ‘Can’t Recall’ Using N-Word Against Black Classmate

Sean Spicer
Cindy Ord / Getty Images

A publicist for Regnery Publishing, Lauren McCue, says that ex-White House press secretary Sean Spicer “can’t recall” using the n-word against a black classmate in prep school. The incident reportedly occurred when both were students at the Rhode Island Portsmouth Abbey School.

The New York Post reports that Spicer’s ex-classmate confronted him at a book signing in Middletown on Friday. Alex Lombard, who resides in Cambridge, Massachusetts, claims that Spicer used a racial slur to describe him years ago.

Lombard was led away by a security guard shortly thereafter.

It has not been reported how Spicer reacted to Lombard’s accusation afterwards, but he allegedly recognized his former classmate, casually waved and said “Hey. Yeah. How are you?”

His publicist spoke for him, saying Spicer was “taken aback” by the “outrageous claim” of his ex-classmate from prep school.

Spicer’s new book is entitled The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and The President and details his time in the White House. He recently gave an interview to Washington Post about the new release and notably said he was “honored” to serve as a press secretary under President Trump.

“I enjoyed my time, but from a personal and a family standpoint I have no desire to do that again,” Spicer said.

He details the pressure of having every quote picked apart in the press and cautions others against working for the Trump administration. While he remains loyal, Spicer is of the opinion that both liberals and conservatives always “paint everything with a broad brush.”

Spicer also defended Trump’s harsh public manner and claims he acts as a salesman in public office, the Inquisitr reports.

“I think that it’s because he constantly feels under attack and not given credit for achievements when they are fairly expected,” he said.

Spicer added, “His view is, ‘Great, I don’t care how it’s supposed to work. I’m going to do it my way.”

He referred to the research that Trump has made 3,200 false or misleading claims since assuming office as an “exaggerated hyperbole.”

Trump later tweeted about the book and sang Spicer’s praises, encouraging the public to purchase the memoir.