ISIS Fanatic Husnain Rashid, Sentenced For Prince George Murder Plot, Gets Stabbed By Inmate

The Isis terrorist/fanatic who is serving 25 years for encouraging terrorists as well as wanting his followers to attack Prince George at his school has now been attacked himself, reports the Daily Mail. Husnain Rashid was apparently knifed at Strangeways Prison in Manchester by a fellow prisoner who used a toothbrush with an embedded razor blade for the stabbing attack. Authorities are opening an investigation into the July 25 incident to determine exactly how it happened. Witnesses say the 32-year-old was slashed across his face, beginning at his right ear, but that the injury was minor. The thinking is it was perpetrated by an inmate who was angered by his plot to kill the young prince.

A prison source told The Star, as reported by the Daily Mail, “There was blood all over his cell and the landing. Nobody likes him or what he did, like threatening that young royal lad and all the icecream stuff. We don’t tolerate that kind of thing in Strangeways.'”

Rashid used the Internet chat group on Telegram, which he believed to be secure, to incite violence. He wanted group members to target Prince George while at his school, Thomas’s in Battersea. Not only that, he suggested which British football stadiums would make the best terrorist targets after the deadly attack outside Besiktas’s ground in Turkey.

Interestingly, his desire to attack the heir to the throne was only a sliver of what Rashid has been up to in the 13 months prior to his Nov. 22, 2017 arrest, according to The Guardian.

“He also suggested injecting cyanide into fruit and vegetables at grocery stores and poisoning ice-cream in supermarkets, and attacking fans at the football World Cup in Russia.”

During much of the trial, the accused denied the seven charges against him but midway through, he changed his mind on four of the charges and pled guilty. The counts that he did admit his guilt on were “three counts of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts and one count of encouraging terrorism. The Crown Prosecution Service said he had done so only when faced with ‘the overwhelming weight of evidence against him.'”

One investigating officer revealed that Rashid had posted 360,000 messages in 150 different forums on Telegram between November 2016 and his arrest the following year.

Rashid, a teacher at the Muhammadi mosque in Nelson, worked hard to hide his extremism from authorities, using various techniques on both his Samsung phone and his laptop.

“When officers came to arrest him, Rashid threw the phone out the back door but it landed at the feet of a police officer. He pretended to faint when told he was under arrest.”