Texas Shooter Kills Two In Nursing Home Shooting, Two More Victims Found In His Home

In an apparent murder-suicide, a gunman in Robstown shot and killed four people before killing himself.

In an apparent murder-suicide, a gunman in Robstown shot and killed four people before killing himself.

Five people total have been found dead after a shooting spree in south Texas. At 7 p.m. on Friday afternoon, Robstown police were called onto the scene of a nursing home shooting. Once at the Retama Manor Nursing Center, three people were found dead on arrival. According to CNN, one of these people was the shooter himself.

Police then made their way to the shooter’s home where they found two more victims in his house. Both of these bodies belonged to men, though their ages and identities have not been released. All five bodies were inflicted with gunshot wounds. It is believed that the gunman killed these two victims before heading to the nursing center, where he opened fire and killed two more people.

Initially, it was reported that the shooter was still at large. A statement from the Robstown police then called the threat “neutralized.” After further investigation, it was revealed that the shooter was one of the five people found dead at Retama Manor.

His name and age have not been released, but he was found along with two victims, a male and a female. Whether they were employees, residents, or guests is yet to be determined. His relationships with the victims are currently undisclosed, though more information may be revealed soon.

Man pulls gun from his waistband

The city of Robstown, located southeast of San Antonio, is home to about 11,000 people. News of the incident has spread quickly through the small town, and police are conducting an investigation into the shooter’s motives for the crime.

In a news release, the Robstown Police Chief Erasmo Flores extended his deepest sympathies to those affected with this terrible crime. “Our hearts go out to the victims’ families and the residents, visitors and employees at Retama Manor who experienced this tragedy,” he said.

City officials have scheduled a press conference regarding the crime for today. City Secretary Herman Rodriguez said that they would not be sharing many details to the public. This is out of respect for the families involved with the tragedy.

“Anything that we would state at this point at such an early time in this tragedy would be speculation and we definitely don’t want to speculate,” Rodriguez said during an interview with ABC affiliate KIII. “This is a profound incident that doesn’t really transpire here too often in Robstown.”