Chris Brown Feels Like Jesus On The Cross After Frank Ocean Incident

Chris Brown needs to hire a new PR team. The singer compared himself to Jesus after he was criticized for allegedly being involved in a fight with Frank Ocean.

Yep, Brown feels like he’s being crucified.

On Monday night, Brown posted a photo on Instagram writing: “Painting the way I feel today.”

The photo, of course, was of a painting that Brown did of Jesus being crucified.

Browns’ lawyer told TMZ that the singer wasn’t directly involved in the fight. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, however, disagrees.

The department told US Weekly:

“Chris Brown and the victim were involved in an altercation over a parking space. The altercation allegedly led to Chris Brown punching the victim.”

Ocean also said that Brown was involved in the fight. Ocean said:

“Got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol … Cut my finger now I can’t play w two hands at the Grammys.”

If Brown is innocent then sure, he has a right to be upset about all of the criticism he’s received over the last few days. Still, the singer isn’t really helping his cause by comparing himself to Jesus.

Brown could have issued a statement denying his involvement in the brawl. He could have issued an apology. He could have just kept his mouth shut.

Instead, he decided to compare a few insensitive tweets to getting nine inch nails driven through his wrist. Because, you know, Chris Brown is just like Jesus.

What do you think about Chris Brown’s painting?