Lindsay Lohan’s Stepmother Kate Major Arrested For Allegedly Attacking Michael Lohan With A Candle Holder

Kate Major arrested
John W. Ferguson / Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan’s stepmother, Kate Major, was arrested on Thursday night for allegedly attacking her husband with a glass candle holder. TMZ reports that Lindsay’s dad Michael Lohan called 911 and that when the authorities arrived Major said that they had been fighting over a cellphone. She reportedly claimed to not know why there was broken glass nearby.

TMZ states that she told the authorities that Michael had threatened to harm himself and that he called 911 maliciously to hurt her. She was arrested anyway.

Page Six reports that Lohan’s retelling of the incident differs from his wife’s. He claims that she “went ballistic” because she was under the impression that he had stolen her phone and that he was recording her. She had just woken up from a night of binge-drinking, he added, before the candle holder was allegedly thrown. The couple’s two sons were at home at the time of the arrest.

“She threw a glass candle at a tree that shattered and cut my arm,” he said.

This isn’t Major’s first run-in with the law for domestic battery. She and Michael Lohan have had violent fights in the past and the cops have been to their home before.

As Page Six notes, in 2015 she was arrested for assaulting her husband with her acrylic fingernails.

In 2017, she ended up getting a mental health evaluation after a heated confrontation with her husband. At the time, she expressed concern that Lohan was attempting to separate her from her children. During that tumultuous time in her life, she was also recorded making racist statements to police officers. Body cam footage revealed that she used racial slurs and said that she wanted to be a white supremacist.

“At the end of the day, you were all slaves and you belong slaves. And that’s all you’ll ever be good at is f–king slaves … I’d love to be more part of white supremacy because you all are a bunch of f—king monkeys,” she said in the footage, which was published by TMZ.

She also called one of the police officers a d**e while she was being body searched for weapons.

Kate Major Lohan has a history of assault against the police. In 2016, she was arrested for battery against a police officer and disorderly conduct in Delray, Page Six reports. She pled guilty and was given time served.

Her rap sheet also includes an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Based on a review of her social media feeds, Lindsay Lohan has not commented on her stepmother’s arrest at the time of writing.