Missile Launcher Shows Up At Seattle Gun Buyback

A nonfunctional Stinger missile launcher was one of the many weapons that showed up at a recent Seattle gun buyback.

Authorities explained the launcher was purchased by one of the many gun buyers who showed up at the event over the weekend for $100. According to The Associated Press, police witnessed the transaction take place. Officials explained that numerous transactions often take place outside of buyback events.

Seattle police are reportedly working with the United States Army to determine if the missile launcher was stolen from a military base. Detective Mark Jamieson explained that the item isn’t available to civilians through government surplus or disposal programs.

Army spokesperson Joe Kubistek said:

“Once it’s brought on base and investigators have a chance to look at it, they’ll see what they can determine. It’s too early to give any information on it until we have hands-on access to see it and take a look at it.”

The Seattle PI explains that 761 guns were obtained as a result of the buyback. Seattle Deputy Police Chief Nick Metz said that response to the event was overwhelming. Authorities said they received everything from handguns to firearms that definitely looked a little worse for wear.

Metz added:

“Dozens of weapons that were turned in were considered assault weapons. Lots of these weapons, while not very pretty, are operational. We want to make sure, if people don’t want guns in there homes, that there is a way to dispose of them without having them stolen.”

The man who bought the missile launcher at the buyback said he would accept a gift card for the item if it’s determined he can not legally possess it. However, the individual said he would like to keep the weapon if possible.

The Inquisitr previously reported that rocket launchers were among some of the items turned in at a buyback in Los Angeles last year.

What do you think about the missile launcher that turned up at the Seattle buyback over the weekend?

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]