Taylor Swift’s Cats Move Beyond ‘Deadpool 2’ Shirt Into Entire Merchandise Line

Meredith and Olivia Swift are now household names.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Meredith and Olivia Swift are now household names.

Taylor Swift is not only a hot pop star, but she is also a smart businesswoman. She must have taken a hint from Ryan Reynolds when he sported a “purr-fect” t-shirt that was seen in Deadpool 2 in May. The singer’s two famous felines, Meredith and Olivia, were featured on the chest of the actor’s character, Wade Wilson. Now the twosome has moved way beyond just making a cameo appearance on the big screen. The cats now have their very own line of merchandise and will be expanding their kitty empire very soon, according to TMZ.

Swift has apparently applied for the logo trademark of Meredith and Olivia Swift products. You don’t even have to wait because they are already available on Taylor’s official site for purchase. Even if you are not a Taylor Swift fan, these adorable snaps of her two kitties on merchandise may make any cat lover melt. The goodies include earrings, stickers, patches, a pen set, and yes, even t-shirts.

This is just a drop in the bucket. TMZ says that there is expected to be much more to come. The cute logo will be seen on handbags, pillows, additional clothing and jewelry, and also musical recordings. Swift is apparently going all out for her two furry loved ones.

In addition, the “Delicate” singer may be envisioning Meredith and Olivia doing their own live show. They have sort of been doing that on a few Instagram stories that the 29-year-old sensation has been sharing with her Swifties. The cats are almost pros at being in front of the camera, even if they do act like they could care less about it.

Taylor Swift has not only become a cat lady, but she will also be starring in the upcoming film version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. While no further details have been revealed on what role she will be playing, she will be starring alongside James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, and Ian McKellen in the movie.

This new gig is the “purr-fect” time for Meredith and Olivia to have their own live show. The girls could critique their mom in how she does portraying a cat. They will most certainly have strong opinions on that. In the meantime, Taylor Swift is currently on her “Reputation” tour. She is definitely not afraid to get soaking wet either while on stage.

Check out the cool stuff on Taylor’s website. Meredith and Olivia Swift will surely give a shout out to their fans soon enough.