Jessa Duggar Is Itching For Another Baby, Says A Girl Would Be Nice Since Meeting Niece Felicity

The Seewald family could expand soon if Jessa Duggar had anything to do with it.

Duggar Family / Facebook

The Seewald family could expand soon if Jessa Duggar had anything to do with it.

Jessa Duggar Seewald is becoming an expert in raising boys now that she has two sons. She had previously expressed her desire to add to her growing family as well. Now that she just got back from traveling to Laredo, Texas, where she met her new baby niece Felicity, her baby fever is even stronger. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo just had their first child a week ago and Jessa was there to help out. She recently dished to Us Weekly that she certainly wouldn’t mind giving Spurgeon and Henry a little sister.

The Duggar daughter said that she would be thrilled to find out that she is pregnant again. She and husband, Ben Seewald, have been thinking of adopting in the near future. They would even consider the possibility of fostering as well. Adoption was always an option and has been something that they have both talked about since they got married in 2014. That is still on their minds, although they have supposedly not started the process just yet.

The Counting On star told the magazine that while a girl would be really cool, she and Ben would have to do some readjusting since they are so used to lots of testosterone in their house right now.

“We’d probably feel like we were having to start again from ground zero if we had a girl thrown in the mix! It seems like we’re getting this boy thing down pat.”

Baby fever seems to run rampant in this reality TV family. Jim Bob and Michelle had mentioned in the video they made for Josiah and Lauren Duggar when they got married last month that they are anxiously waiting for the newlywed couple to start their family. It is likely that Lauren is already expecting and may be making an announcement soon. If Jessa had anything to do with it, she would be making a baby announcement as well.

Jessa Duggar revealed to Us Weekly how her two sons are different from each other. Spurgeon, 2, is described as being cautious and thoughtful who loves to build and to create things. You can actually see that the little guy with the curly head of hair is exactly how his mom describes. In a couple of close up photos on Instagram, you can see Spurgeon with those big blue eyes just staring off into space looking like he is deep in thought.

Spurgeon’s little bro, Henry, is much more active, according to his 25-year-old mom. She expressed just how fast he is and that he has to be watched with a close eye at all times.

Both boys will now have their little cousin Felicity to play with when she gets a little older. Jessa and her mom, Michelle Duggar, headed to Texas to help Jinger after she had her first baby a week ago. It also looks like Spurgeon and Henry went along to meet the new bundle of joy.

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