July 25, 2018
Britney Spears Rocks Black Lingerie And Whips A Leashed Andy Cohen During NYC Concert

Andy Cohen was a slave for Britney Spears during her recent concert in New York City. The Bravo host had a blast sharing the stage with the pop star at Radio City Music Hall, but it looks like his whip-wielding mistress didn't bother learning his name before she put him on a leash.

Just Jared shared a video of Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen joining Britney Spears onstage during her July 24 "Piece of Me Tour" stop in the Big Apple. He was tasked with helping her and her backup dancers with their performance of "Freakshow." As many Spears fans know, the pop princess always chooses a fan to temporarily become her submissive freak on a leash while she performs the song about going "outside the norm" and putting on a kinky show. As noted by ETOnline, 50-year-old Cohen couldn't contain his excitement about being chosen to be Britney's "plaything."

Andy Cohen was filmed pumping his fists in the air triumphantly and sporting a huge smile on his face as Britney's backup dancers outfitted him in bondage gear that included a collar, leash, and X-shaped chest harness. He was then directed to crawl across the stage on his hands and knees while Britney held his leash and spanked him with a whip.

For the performance, Britney Spears looked the part of a dominatrix in sparkly black lingerie that consisted of a black bra and two straps down the front of her stomach that connected to a tiny pair of black underwear. She also rocked a pair of tights that were nude at the top and opaque black from mid-thigh down.

Near the end of the performance, an enthusiastic Cohen crawled toward the crowd, appearing to roar like a wild animal. He also got to get down and groove with Britney Spears' talented crew of backup dancers.

Unfortunately for the Bravo TV star, Britney seemingly didn't realize who he was or couldn't remember his name.

"I think you all know who this is… Give it up for him!" she said at the end of the performance.

Britney Spears presented Andy Cohen with a signed T-shirt before he exited the stage. As he left, she fanned her face and told the crowd that her excited guest performer had gotten a little too loud.

"Wow! Ears! He's loud," she said.

See the video here.

Andy Cohen can take comfort in knowing that he isn't the only famous face that Britney Spears has failed to recognize during her "Freakshow" performance. According to The Huffington Post, she invited Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes onstage to be her slave during one of her 2016 Las Vegas shows, and she had to ask him for his name. However, she made up for having no idea who Haynes was by telling him he had a nice butt.

As reported by The Daily Mail, other male stars who have been Britney Spears' "Freakshow" whipping boys include NSYNC member Lance Bass, EXTRA host Mario Lopez, and Backstreet Boys members Howie Dorough and AJ McLean. Spears has also appeared onstage with one man who she surely recognized. According to MuuMuse, her "Toxic" music video co-star, model Tyson Beckford, has also worn the "Freakshow" harness.