July 25, 2018
Princess Charlotte Can't Help But Steal The Spotlight During Prince George's Birthday Weekend

It seems that Princess Charlotte just can't help but steal the spotlight from the other royals in her family, and she's not even trying! According to Vogue, headlines about Princess Charlotte during her older brother's birthday weekend were "arguably the most intriguing press coverage."

After all, Prince George just turned five and anybody can do that.

While the future King of England's official portrait celebrating his fifth birthday was released by Buckingham Palace (and duly loved by the internet, thanks to Prince George's adorable ear to ear grin ), his little sister was demonstrating the magic of what is now being touted as "The Charlotte Effect" by continuing to wrap the media - and mere mortals at large - around her royal pinkie without even trying.

"Princess Charlotte is worth more than her brothers Prince George and Prince Louis and it's in the billions," The Sun announced.
According to ET Canada, little Princess Charlotte is wealthier than even the queen herself at just 3-years-old. The royal tot is estimated by Reader's Digest to have an estimated net worth that makes her the wealthiest member of the British Royal Family, including the queen herself, who has a net worth of $550 million.

Not that Princess Charlotte gets any of that $5 billion added to her royal piggy bank, mind you. Just as is the case with other popular royals like her mother, Duchess Kate, and father, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who Readers Digest says are estimated to be worth $5 million and $40 million respectively, the estimated monetary figure does not represent income for royals. It does however reflect Princess Charlotte's worth to the British economy.

To be 3-years-old and worth $5 billion might sound impressive, but the precocious princess blew her older brother's net worth out of the water when a consulting firm estimated hers to be $4.2 billion back in September 2017 by an entire billion more, to be exact.

So how does Princess Charlotte do it? She does it, says Vogue, with "The Charlotte Effect". Think of it as the preschool version of "The Markle Sparkle". Just as anything the new Duchess of Sussex wears sells out within 24 hours of designer labels being attached to the multitude of media images capturing Meghan Markle's every stylish move, so goes the same in the land of little girls, pretty cardigans, and mothers around the globe jumping at the chance to dress their little princesses, well, like an actual little princess, and the rest seems pretty self-explanatory.

The icing on the very royal cupcake is the internet's undying love for every Princess Charlotte moment captured in public, guaranteeing viral publicity every time at the drop of a sweet little curtsy.