Lamar Odom Present In A Fight At Hooters That Ended In Gunfire

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Lamar Odom has been through a lot in life over the past few years, especially when it comes to drama, and it doesn’t appear that the drama is going to stop anytime soon. From his rocky relationship and divorce from Khloe Kardashian to being found nearly dead at a brothel and miraculously surviving, Odom’s life has been an absolute roller coaster.

According to a new report from TMZ Sports, Odom was present at the scene when an altercation broke out at a Hooters restaurant in Queens, New York. There have been no reports about his potential role, if any, in the altercation, but it still adds yet another layer of drama to his life.

“According to TMZ Sports, Odom was with friends and got into an argument with another group. A member of the second group fired a gun into the air without hitting anybody at the restaurant.”

Odom is a former NBA star who made a name for himself playing with the Los Angeles Lakers alongside Kobe Bryant. He was one of the most unique players at his position during his career. Following a trade from the Lakers, Odom ended up fizzling out and his career came to an abrupt end.


Since the incident at Hooters, Odom has issued a statement.

“Just to share the ‘truth’ here with you all. I was near the scene when it just happened and not involved in any way!”

More than likely, Odom’s side of the story will end up being 100 percent accurate. Still, it does bring to question the crowd that he has run with throughout his life. There have been some people around him that have been called into question, especially when it comes to the drug addiction that nearly cost Odom his life.

Back in October of 2015, Odom was found unconscious and foaming at the mouth in a Nevada brothel. After a long fight for his life in the hospital, Odom was able to pull through. He swore that he would turn his life around after being given a second chance.

In other recent news surrounding Odom, the former NBA star has announced that he is planning to move from the United States to China to further his career.

Hopefully, the drama will begin to die down surrounding Odom as he moves to China. Everyone around him knows him as a kind person and he has a lot of people who love him. This incident doesn’t seem to have involved Odom, but it certainly is troubling to hear.