Casey Anthony, Paralegal? Lawyer Says It’s A Possibility

Casey Anthony, paralegal? Despite the continuing outrage that the mother of Caylee Anthony remains free after her daughter’s death, the future for the much-maligned mom may include work in the legal field.

If you think about it, Casey Anthony as a paralegal makes sense — after all, much of her adult life has been spent in a courtroom or working on her case, and it stands to reason the Florida woman has picked up some measure of legal know-how along the way.

When Anthony recently declared bankruptcy, it appeared maybe a post-Caylee life was not in the cards for the mom, who was famously not convicted in her daughter’s murder. But Casey may be able to turn her experience into a living, lawyer Charles Greene says.

In a recent interview, Greene explained that Casey Anthony’s paralegal skills could enable her to carve out a living outside the public eye, and Greene praised the former defendant for her legal knowledge:

“I truly believe that she has a lot of skills … She’s better than many paralegals I know. She could be a paralegal or something like that right away.”

Greene continued:

“She is very organized, a very intelligent, very computer savvy person, so I think her skills and her desire may lie somewhere in that field.”

The lawyer for Casey Anthony also says work as a paralegal would enable her to give back to the system that awarded her freedom — freedom most believe she did not deserve.

Andy Chemelir explains:

“To some extent she feels, she feels bad that she’s having to have all these legal services provided to her and she is unable to compensate anyone.”

Even if Casey Anthony becomes a paralegal, she has little hope of paying off hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt she has already accrued.

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