Casey Anthony Declares Bankruptcy In Florida

Casey Anthony reportedly filed for bankruptcy in Florida on Friday.

In addition to declaring about $1,100 in assets, court documents show that Anthony has around $792,000 in liabilities. According to The Associated Press, around $500,000 of Casey’s debt is from attorney fees.

Anthony also owes $145,660 to the Orange County Sheriff’s office for fees associated with the investigation against her. Florida Department of Law Enforcement is interested in recovering court costs of around $61,505, while the IRS is looking for the $68,540 Anthony owes in taxes.

Casey’s bankruptcy filing on Friday also showed that she is currently unemployed and has no means of income. Her assets include a $200 in furniture, $200 in jewelry, $100 in clothing, and around $474 in cash. Casey’s parent’s address is currently listed as her home address.

CBS 5 reports that Casey Anthony is currently involved in several civil suits, including a defamation case filed by Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. However, the bankruptcy essentially puts the brakes on all of the cases currently pending against her. Gonzalez’s attorney believes the filing is nothing more than a delay tactic.

Anthony said in recent phone interview:

“This is the next step towards closure for me. These are the things holding me back. This is the key for me to move forward.”

Civil attorney Charles Greene said his client needs “closure in this matter in order to move on with her life.”

CNN explains that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy essentially allows Anthony to get rid of most of her debt. This would give Casey the opportunity for a financial fresh start.

Attorney Andy Chmelir explained:

“To some extent she feels, she feels bad that she’s having to have all these legal services provided to her and she is unable to compensate anyone. So she wants closure more than anything else.”

What do you think about Casey Anthony filing for bankruptcy? Do you think this is a delay tactic?

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