‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Hendrickson Teases More Scenes Between Margaux And Drew Ahead

Elizabeth Hendrickson recently joined General Hospital as Margaux Dawson, the new district attorney for Port Charles. Viewers haven’t seen all that much of her new character yet, but the actress recently answered questions from fans via Twitter and it sounds like there’s great stuff on the way. What spoilers did she reveal about what fans can expect?

As soap fans know, Elizabeth Hendrickson has been on other shows prior to joining General Hospital, and most recently she was Chloe on Young and Restless. Several years ago, Chloe was in a relationship with Billy Abbott, who was then played by Billy Miller. Fans figured it was just a matter of time before GH had Hendrickson’s Margaux and Miller’s Drew cross paths, and everybody is curious to see where this might head.

Hendrickson said via Twitter that she was super excited to start working alongside Miller again, as she’s always loved working with Billy. Elizabeth added that in a way it feels like old times, but it’s also brand new since they are now playing very different characters.

Some have wondered if Margaux may end up having connections to other Port Charles residents. Hendrickson teased that it’s possible, but she wouldn’t confirm that to be the case. The actress did tease a bit of a General Hospital spoiler in noting that she and Billy have been working together quite a bit lately, so viewers do have more of Margaux and Drew together in the weeks ahead.

Will fans go for Drew and Margaux as a hot new couple? Some General Hospital viewers are excited to see where this heads, while many are still rooting to see Miller’s character either reunite with Sam or explore his connection to Kim in a fresh way. Obviously, the writers need to come up with some kind of significant storyline for Billy, and the sooner the better as far as viewers are concerned.

During her Twitter Q&A, Hendrickson hinted that she’ll be sticking around Port Charles for a while, and there is plenty more to be revealed about her character. Elizabeth said she’s loving her time on the General Hospital set and it’s been an easy transition since there are so many familiar faces there. She teased that working with Billy always brings fun and surprises and the action this new week is already hinting at there being twists and turns ahead.

Will fans come to embrace Elizabeth Hendrickson’s new character of D.A. Margaux Dawson? Will the sparks fly between her character and Billy Miller’s Drew Cain? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are juicy developments on the way between these two and viewers will be curious to see what comes next.

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