Busy Philipps Hospitalized After Nasty Fall, Shares Hospital Bed Photo

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Actress Busy Philipps is giving fans an update on social media after suffering a nasty fall. Entertainment Tonight Canada reports that the actress, who’s best known for her roles in popular TV shows and movies like Dawson’s Creek, Cougar Town, and White Chicks, shared a photo from her hospital bed on July 21 where she revealed that she’d been hospitalized after injuring her knee and ripping off her fingernails in the process.

In the photo, Busy could be seen looking pretty fed up while resting her head on her hand in a hospital bed as she was covered over with a blanket.

The star then revealed in the caption of the photo that she’d hurt her knee – which already has a pin in it – and would need an MRI scan.

“So on brand it hurts. But really. It f***ing hurts,” Philipps captioned the hospital bed photo she shared with her more than 1 million followers on the social media site before then offering an update after being checked out by a doctor.

“My knee isn’t broken!” she continued, adding that an orthopedist has urged her to get an MRI scan next week as she injured the same knee she already has a pin in. Busy added that she has to make her way around on crutches until then. “Ugh. UGH. UGH.”

Per ET Canada, Busy opened up about the injury in a video shared via Instagram Stories, where she admitted that she fell outside of a Starbucks and then actually headed back inside for another drink after spilling her first.

“I just super brutally fell to the ground, in the street,” Busy told her fans in the video, shortly after taking a tumble outside the coffee shop, admitting that “it was horrible.”

Philipps then revealed that she’d just been for a workout and was alone when she fell and almost broke her knee, while she also broke off her fingernails as a result of the very nasty fall.

Busy Philipps suffers broken knee in nasty fall on the street
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“I’m still sweating from my workout and I was by myself. And you know how horrible it is to fall by yourself,” she said. “And now my knee hurts really bad and I broke my fingernails off.”

But fortunately, it seems as though Philipps’ sense of humor wasn’t injured in the fall that almost broke her knee, as she admitted that she went back inside for another drink despite her pretty serious injuries.

“I said to the guy, ‘The only thing more humiliating than the fact that I just fell into the street is that I destroyed my new Starbucks. Will you give me another one?'” Busy admitted of getting another drink, adding that the barista then obliged and got her a new beverage.

Shortly after the fall, Philipps shared an adorable photo of her 9-year-old daughter Birdie on Instagram, revealing that her injured knee prevented her from taking her to get her ear pierced over the weekend.

“Someone’s Saturday morning plans of getting her ear double pierced so she could match her best friend were thwarted by her mother’s insane clumsiness so she’s going now,” Busy wrote of her little girl, adding a red heart emoji.

Philipps’ nasty fall comes shortly after Inquisitr reported that the mom of two showed off her workout routine in a bikini in a video posted to Instagram.