‘Riverdale’ Season 3 Comic-Con Trailer Teases Fans

Araya DiazGetty Images

The CW series Riverdale gave fans a sneak peek into the upcoming Season 3 during its 2018 Comic-Con panel on Sunday, July 22.

The end of Season 2 left fans wondering if Archie would stay in jail for the murder of Shadow Lake resident Cassidy, after being framed by Hiram Lodge. According to Entertainment Tonight, a new character played by Penelope Ann Miller will be the crucial role in determining Archie’s (K.J. Apa) fate in prison.

“Season three, first episode starts off Archie’s on trial for the murder of Cassidy,” Apa said at the Comic-Con panel. “We’ll see if he’s going to go away or if he’s not going to go away.”

The savvy, eloquent Ms. Wright is the prosecuting attorney in charge of handling Archie’s case. ET says the attorney will create a case of poor moments in Archie’s young life to portray him as a violent and dangerous teenager capable of murdering someone in cold blood.


The new season will focus on friendships, more town strife, a weird cult, and the group doing school activities in their junior year, ET reported. College education, SATs, and sports will be part of the new season “but with all the crime and drama and mystery” that is usual in Riverdale, executive producer Roberta Aguirre-Sacasa said during the panel.

Camilla Mendes, who plays Archie’s lover on the show, was asked that if Archie goes to jail, will their relationship will last through the new season.

“Definitely the kind of distance and separation, if he goes away, is going to be tough,” Mendes answered. “It’ll shake things up.”

Veronica is said to step into her power role as an entrepreneur in addition to being a high school student. She’s trying to prove she is not “just a high school student” or a “spoiled rich girl.”

Although Betty has issues at home, trying to get over her dad being revealed as the serial killer the “Black Hood.” Her mom, Alice, and sister, Polly, are now involved in a cult called ‘The Farm,” which leads to “all kinds of weirdness,” Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty Cooper, said. “Betty wants to stay far, far away from them.”

Cole Sprouse, who plays Betty Cooper’s boyfriend, Jughead, was lucky to make it out of Season 2 alive, according to ET. “He was like a magnet for punches,” said Sprouse. Wanting his character to be more similar to its comic counterpart and eat a lot more, Sprouse said, “He’s going to be chewing on something in every scene, which is strange and fun.”

The thriller returns to The CW on Wednesday, October 10.