Meghan Markle's Future Relative Arrested On Assault Charges After Reports Of Domestic Violence Again

It doesn't look like things are going to ever get less embarrassing for Meghan Markle's American-side of the family. On Friday, Meghan Markle's future sister-in-law was arrested on assault charges in the fourth degree. The culprit was Darlene Blount, who is engaged to Thomas Markle Jr., Meghan's half-brother, reported the Daily Mail. The police responded after there were reports of domestic violence at Markle Jr.'s home in Grants Pass, Oregon. Darlene posted bail on Saturday after spending one night in the Josephine County Jail.

This isn't the first time that the police were called after violence erupted between Darlene and Thomas. Back on New Year's Eve, Darlene called 911 and said that Thomas was drinking, became jealous, and accused her of wanting to "f*** some dude" from a local bar. Darlene told the 911 operator that Thomas is "a big guy," perhaps that he's mentally ill too.

But when police arrived, it turned out that Thomas was the one that was hurt, not Darlene. Police arrested her for assault, and she spent two nights in jail. For some reason, the District Attorney decided not to press any charges, and she was released.

And earlier in 2016, Thomas Jr. was arrested after it was reported that he held a gun up to Darlene's head during a drunken fight.

Thomas Jr. has been making headlines recently as well. He reportedly wrote a letter to the Queen asking her to not kill Meghan like she killed Princess Diana, and asked the Queen to give Thomas Markle a royal title, according to the Inquisitr. He also made remarks that Meghan is becoming a "zombie" and is being "held prisoner," reported Radar Online.

Meanwhile, Meghan's half-sister Samantha Grant, now going by Samantha Markle, is all set to enter the CelebrityBig Brother house next season, detailed Cosmopolitan. Samantha even said that "Why not? Life is about cashing in. You take opportunities as they arise and hopefully you enjoy the ride and make it as positive as you can. There's nothing wrong with it."

This seems like a strange statement to make, considering that her dad, Thomas Markle, has been slammed for taking money for interviews and paparazzi photos. For dad Markle, his actions have led to a non-existent relationship with his daughter Meghan.
As Samantha, Thomas Jr. and Thomas Sr. are given more time to soak up time in the limelight, Meghan and the Royals are keeping silent about all of the drama.