Here’s How To Stream ‘Shark Week 2018’ So You Don’t Miss A Thing

Albert KokWikimedia Commons

Yes, they’ve been making headlines this summer for munching on the occasional swimmer, but they are also intriguing creatures we want to learn more about. The Discovery Channel has just the answer to our burning curiosity about the apex predators through its annual Shark Week event this week.

Shark Week 2018 is back with a vengeance in some must-see TV that runs July 22 – 29. What’s more, the people behind Shark Week are promising to share riveting facts with the viewers. These amazing and sometimes terrifying creatures are explored in several-action-packed episodes that you won’t want to miss. But what to do if you don’t have cable?

HowToWatch has the answer to that question, and the website writes that you can watch your fish while it’s fresh in the way of streaming video services. Fans of Shark Week have options to subscribe to different streaming service packages and trials in order to watch the lineup once it’s broadcast. Here are some ways you can get your shark fix and even pick up a few popular channels and other services while doing it, according to HowToWatch.


First up is Philo, a streaming service that was made with the non-sports fan in mind. Philo offers several hot channels in addition to the Discovery Channel, including Animal Planet. Most likely if you like your dose of sharks, you’ll want to appreciate other members of the animal kingdom on channels like Animal Planet. You can sign up for a seven-day trial, and after that Philo charges $16 monthly.

PlayStation Vue

Second up is PlayStation Vue, which is geared toward video game lovers and non-gamers, as well. Vue offers top-notch streaming video quality (how better to view the dogs of the sea?) and unlimited cloud DVR services as part of the package. The package also includes sports, news and over 45 popular channels in addition to the Discovery Channel. PlayStation Vue also offers a 5-day free trial period, and after that, the basic service is $39.99 a month.


Another option is DIRECTV NOW, a premium streaming service whose plans costs $35 per month. Once you sign up, you get access to 60+ channels, and what’s significant is that the stream for Shark Week 2018 is included. The website promises that it’s a breeze to sign up and also easy to cancel if you find out the service just isn’t your cup of tea. DIRECTV NOW offers a free trial period the same way that PlayStation Vue and Philo does.

Other Ways to Watch

Another way to grab Shark Week 2018 this week is through the website for the Discovery Channel itself. The network will air unlocked live episodes of Shark Week 2018 for free. In fact, they uploaded the fascinating “Bloodline: The Spawn of Jaws,” a Shark Week episode that was released early and debuted on July 15.

In the 41-minute long episode, Dr. Craig O’Connell believes the bloodline of the monstrous great white shark that prompted Peter Benchley to write the bestseller “Jaws” is still alive, and he takes a team to go searching for them.

Other low-cost options to reel in Shark Week 2018 is through Amazon Instant Video and Vudu, which deliver new episodes to your streaming and mobile devices for $2. The services also offer discounted season passes for all the Shark Week 2018 episodes. iTunes offers a similar service, but the episodes are $3.