Heidi Klum Posts Sexy Lingerie Photo On Instagram To Show Off New Line

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images for Ocean Resort Casino

Heidi Klum posted a sexy photo of lingerie on Instagram to promote her fashionable new line of intimates.

The model posted an image which she captioned, “Love my…. @heidiklumintimates.” The image features a beautiful matching bra and thong-style panty set in a blush color. While many of the Project Runway star’s 4.8 million Instagram followers immediately assumed she was the model showing off her new fashions, others were quick to point out that perhaps she’d hired others to wear the new lingerie line.

Tens of thousands of the America’s Got Talent judge’s fans who commented instantly felt the model wearing the pretty new underwear was, in fact, Heidi Klum because of the way she worded her caption with the ellipsis. However, others quickly pointed out that the ellipsis might tip off that the person modeling the intimates wasn’t actually the 45-year-old designer herself.

The pieces featured in Klum’s Instagram post are her brand’s Forever Forget-Me-Not in Ash Rose, according to the Heidi Klum Intimates website. Klum launched the brand in 2015.

Recently, the German beauty revealed some of her secrets for youthful, glowing skin to E! News. Despite the fact that she’s been modeling, starring in films and TV, becoming a mom, turning into a business mogul, and more for the past two-plus decades, Klum manages to keep herself looking as beautiful as ever while appearing to have it all.

Klum revealed, “I do like a scrub. It’s called Aapri. You can get it at the drugstore because I believe it’s good to exfoliate twice a week. You know, it keeps your skin rejuvenating, making new skin over and over again.”

In addition to a twice-weekly scrub, the business mogul keeps it simple. She keeps her makeup to a minimum when she’s not on a set somewhere, and she believes that helps her skin stay flawless as well.

Despite her absolute success and domination, Klum finds her fair share of detractors in the form of mommy shamers, like most famous (or not so famous) moms. In an interview will Elle, the model revealed she simply doesn’t have time to worry about those who belittle her for something as small as allowing her daughters to wear high heels to dinner.

Klum said, “People get upset, especially in Germany, if they see my daughters wearing high heels. Big deal! If we go to a restaurant, they like to get dressed up. It’s fun for them. So what if they hobble on their little heels for 20 steps from the car to the restaurant? As long as they’re good kids and they get good grades, they can wear what they want to wear.”

Big deal indeed. Klum has plenty of things to care about, but what people think isn’t one of them. She knows what she thinks, and she knows she loves her intimates.