Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Breakup Rumor Debunked

Bob LeveyGetty Images

Lately, there is speculation in the tabloids that Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott called it quits after getting into a big fight in New York this week. However, the incident was either greatly exaggerated or never happened because a Twitter user later posted a video of the couple walking and holding hands in Portugal after the alleged spat, according to Gossip Cop. What’s more, the video shows the couple clearly enjoying each other’s company while attending the Super Bock Super Rock festival in the European country.

RadarOnline and their sister tabloid OK! both ran stories on the alleged split, with RadarOnline dishing the details in the article with the headline, “Over Already? Kylie’s Baby Daddy Travis Storms Out Of Couple’s Hotel After Epic Fight.” The website alleged that 20-year-old Kylie Jenner and 26-year-old Travis Scott were quarreling non-stop and that they got into “an epic spat in New York City.”

The website went on to point out that Jenner and Scott were spotted having dinner in NYC this week, but they only stayed at the restaurant for “45 minutes.” Afterward, Travis Scott was seen storming out of a hotel with his belongings. RadarOnline quoted an eyewitness who claimed that Scott seemed to be mad as he hurriedly made his exit. The exit was apparently abrupt, according to the source, because his bodyguards didn’t even know he had left. The source additionally claimed that the bodyguards had to chase after him once they figured out he was gone.

Twitter user rasta’s video of the two in Portugal can be seen below.


The eyewitness went on to speculate that it seemed as if Kylie Jenner had kicked her rapper bf out. Gossip Cop wrote that there is no real evidence such as photos or video footage to substantiate the claims that the quarrel took place. Other outlets such as E Online did report on Kyle Jenner and Travis Scott stepping out for date night in the Big Apple, but Gossip Cop writes that no “reputable publication” indicated that anything happened out of the ordinary during the date that would cause the couple to be “over already.” OK! ran a similar story without any evidence to substantiate the claims, as well.

Further dousing the juicy gossip was an image Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram that showed what seems to be a very recent pic of the couple lying side by side in the car. The caption on kyliesnapchat reads, “Kylie and Travis today 7/20/18.” Clearly, the report by the tabloids that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are “over already” is false or the cute couple has since made up.