Rick Ross Shooting Target In Early Morning Drive-By, Police Confirm

The Rick Ross shooting very early this morning near Fort Lauderdale, Florida may have left 50 Cent skeptical his fellow rapper was targeted by as-of-yet unidentified thugs — but if Ross is faking it, he got the police to go along with him.

The Rick Ross shooting was initially quietly reported, with initial stories not confirming the hip-hop star was even in the vehicle at the time of the gunshots, followed by a crash of his Rolls Royce. But witnesses on the scene pegged the vehicle’s famous occupant on sight, and despite media indications those in the car at the time of the crash feared for their lives, Ross was soon confirmed to have been in the car when the shots were fired as well as when it crashed.

Now police confirm that the Rick Ross shooting was not a case of random gunfire, and that Ross himself was indeed the intended victim of the shooter. Witnesses Carol Touchstone and George Maznicki own a neighboring building, and the pair confirmed gunfire at around 5 AM Monday.

Touchstone says:

“I was sound asleep and I heard boom-boom-boom and I ran out said, ‘Did you hear that?”’

Maznicki adds:

“That was gunfire.”

While police have confirmed Rick Ross was the shooting’s target, no information has yet been disclosed regarding motive or potential attempted assailants.

Although 50 Cent was correct in that Ross’ car escaped the shooting unaffected by bullets, several buildings in the vicinity were struck in the failed assassination attempt, and police confirm that at least 20 rounds were fired off by the shooter.