Melania Trump Calls ‘Peer-To-Peer Leadership’ A Strong Youth Influence While Promoting ‘Be Best’ Initiative

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Melania Trump made an appearance in Washington Thursday as part of her “Be Best” initiative, developed by her husband Donald Trump in May. “Be Best” centers on appropriate online behavior for children, as well as avoiding opioid abuse in American youth.

The event, held at the Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center, featured 15 children from different parts of the country who presented the first lady with their art projects and commented on their behavior online, the Washington Examiner reports.

A written statement reads, “To see students taking action and being positive leaders in the digital world for youth is exactly what Be Best is focused on. Peer-to-peer leadership can be one of the strongest influences on our children. Using their artistic talents, these students provide unique perspectives on how youth should conduct themselves responsibly online.”

Melania and husband Donald Trump also met with children during their recent European tour to talk about kindness. The first lady said to a student that the initiative aims to have children “be best in everything that they do… and be best with each other, to be kind.”

She also spoke at the annual Students Against Destructive Decisions conference in June.

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Constantly in the public eye, Melania caused a Twitter storm when she appeared terrified to shake Russian President Vladimir Putin’s hand, according to the Inquisitr.

She met Putin in Helsinki during a summit with her husband and allegedly appeared scared of the Russian leader, who is known to be an intimidating figure in the world political area.

Twitter was then ablaze with videos showing her smiling and then turning away with a fearful expression once she had shaken Putin’s hand.

“Watch Melania’s face, she’s terrified. I’m starting to feel for her,” one user tweeted.

The internet also took notice of another Melania moment during the summit, when Putin gave Trump a soccer ball used during the World Cup final. The U.S. president decided to gift his son Barron with the ball since he plays on DC United’s youth developmental team.

“Melania, here you go!” Trump allegedly said and threw it at her. The first lady appeared confused as she handed the ball to a Secret Service agent.

The ball is noted as being a “Gift of State” according to an explanation from the National Archives.

Aside from this stunt at the Helsinki summit, Barron has mostly stayed out of the limelight since his father won the presidential election in 2016.